The Peep Show Birdhouse is awarded a 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award.

The Peep Show has just been awarded a 2023 Red Dot award for Product Design.

The new Peep Show birdhouse looks different because it is different.

The new Peep Show is stunning from any angle.

The new Peep Show birdhouse looks different because it is different.

The first smart-home for birds has landed and it’s a stunner.

This birdhouse looks different because it is different. I knew I wanted a design that instantly signaled you are looking at something entirely different.”

— Steve Gray

SEATTLE, WA, USA, April 21, 2023/ — Just a few months old, the fledgling Peep Show® video birdhouse is already garnering attention on the world stage and this month it walked away (or flew away) with a 2023 Red Dot Award. This prestigious international prize recognizes The Peep Show for its excellence in product design. As Steve Gray, creator of The Peep Show, notes, “Our birdhouse now proudly holds its little head high among previous winner like Apple, Porsche Design Studio and Maserati–and it’s a birdhouse!

As the name implies, The Peep Show, allows a ‘peep’ into the seldom seen world of birds nesting and raising their chicks. The nesting box uses readily available smart-home cameras to stream high-definition video directly to your smart phone or tablet. “It’s the idea of a smart-home applied to a bird’s home and it works wonderfully well,” adds Gray. The Peep Show is Engineered in accordance with strict ornithological guidelines, the video birdhouse is made from environmentally sustainable materials and crafted entirely in the USA. It was designed, tested, and fabricated in Seattle, WA.

“When it came to the design, I knew I wanted something that instantly signaled to viewers that
they were looking at something different,” says Gray.

The Red Dot Product Design recognition is unique as it evaluates products on more than its outward appearance. The jury of 43 international design professionals also assessed the technical merit and design execution. Entries were submitted from 60 countries.

The Peep Show seeks to elevate birdwatching to an accessible, fun and environmentally-supportive activity for all ages. Led by Steve Gray, a longtime outdoor enthusiast, The Peep Show® is now available to the public from the company’s website. The name The Peep Show® is a registered trademark of Urban Bird Peep Show, LLC. Offices in Seattle, Washington.

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The Peep Show uses every day smart home cameras. Simple. Affordable. And available now.

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