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Digital Detox App minimalist phone Hits 1 Million Downloads, Boosting Productivity, Digital Wellbeing, and ADHD Relief for Android Users

MUNICH, BAVARIA, GERMANY, June 12, 2023/ — minimalist phone, the digital detox app developed by German company QQ42 Labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt), has surpassed a remarkable milestone of 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play. The app, which aims to help users reduce time spent on their smartphones and avoid the pitfalls of addictive apps like social media and games, has experienced significant growth over the last year, gaining 700,000 new downloads since reaching the 300,000-download milestone nearly one year ago.

In addition to its success in helping users manage their screen time, many have reported that minimalist phone has been instrumental in providing ADHD relief and improving mental health. A. W., a user with ADHD, praises the app for bringing peace to their smart device usage: “Helps me with my ADHD! I am not on meds and I am able to embrace having a smartphone!! YAY for this app.”

Embracing the simplicity of a dumb phone, minimalist phone offers a suite of features designed to minimize distractions caused by colorful icons and AI-curated content. Users can block apps for up to 30 days, hide apps, or activate an in-app time reminder that alerts them when it’s time to stop mindless scrolling. These features promote increased focus, productivity, and a sense of digital wellbeing.

A survey revealed that 93% of users reported a decrease in screen time after just three days of using the minimalist phone app, underscoring its effectiveness in fostering a healthier digital lifestyle. User JJ confirms the app’s impact: “Everyone should be using this. Decreased my phone usage by a few hours a day and increased my productivity 10x. Great app.”

Martin Morávek, the founder, shared his enthusiasm about the app’s milestone: “We are thrilled to see such a significant increase in downloads for minimalist phone. Our team has worked tirelessly to enhance the app and make it accessible to more people. This milestone serves as a testament to the importance of digital detox and our app’s efficacy in promoting it, as well as providing support for those with ADHD.”

The app’s effectiveness extends beyond individual users, as mental health therapist Justin also recommends the app to his clients: “This app helped me repair my relationship with my phone. I no longer feel enslaved to my phone and rarely use it for mindless entertainment. Now it is a tool that benefits me. I am a mental health therapist and I recommend this app to anyone wanting to improve their mental health!”

The minimalist phone app aligns with the growing movement of “digital minimalism,” which encourages individuals to adopt a more intentional and mindful approach to technology use. As Able, another satisfied user, explains: “Perfect app. To put it bluntly: To be warmly recommended to everyone. Immediately creates a higher quality of life. I will never use a smartphone again without this app. Big thanks to the developers.”

minimalist phone is compatible with Android devices running version 6.0 or higher and  boasts an impressive average rating of 4.2/5 stars in the Play Store.

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