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Generative AI service offerings from PLUTO7 can help transform enterprise decision making through deeper, data-driven insights. Happy to work with PLUTO7 to drive this data-forward approach forward”

— Jim Anderson, VP, NA Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITES STATES, June 12, 2023/ — PLUTO7, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions, today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to develop cutting-edge Generative AI services offerings.

The partnership will accelerate Pluto7’s Generative AI strategy, bringing a new generation of AI-powered solutions and experiences to clients, particularly in the Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, and Finance functions.

Pluto7’s innovative solution transforms the way users interact with ERP data (E.g., SAP, Oracle EBS, Netsuite) and Non-ERP data (Salesforce, Google AdTech Data, 250+ public data sets), enabling instant access to vital insights through a user-friendly chat interface. It integrates enterprise and public data to facilitate deep exploration within the enterprise data landscape. This allows users to uncover real-time insights on issues like demand shifts, catastrophic event impact, and targeted content delivery, offering actionable recommendations for optimal outcomes.

At its core, the solution introduces a system for making decisions based on conversation intelligence paired with a search feature similar to Google Cloud scanning multiple data points within enterprise data to provide precise, actionable responses. It’s developed using the Google Cloud Cortex Framework, Vertex AI, and BigQuery, as well as Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities. All of this is managed within Pluto7’s data platform, which allows enterprises to turn their data into valuable resources.

The generative AI capabilities will be integrated into Pluto7’s award-winning Data Platform solutions, such as Planning in a Box. This platform is created for business users, facilitating rapid, data-driven decisions. It functions as a service accelerator operating within the customer’s Google Cloud environment. It leverages Pluto7’s knowledge of the SAP landscape and its ready-to-deploy solution accelerators to deliver insights swiftly in weeks.

“In our drive to revolutionize business operations, our partnerships with Google Cloud and SAP mark a significant milestone,” said Manju Devadas, CEO of Pluto7. “We’re excited to introduce generative AI solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing ERP workflows, fast-track insights, and enable impactful decisions in as little as eight weeks. Our platform unifies Machine Learning, data models, Generative AI and UI, letting customers concentrate on resolving business challenges and outcomes instead of building platforms and figuring out technology components. With our proven solutions and longstanding partnerships with SAP and Google Cloud, we can help businesses more quickly realize value, define clearer ROI path, and develop a targeted approach for our clients.”

Through the partnership with Google Cloud, Pluto7 is expanding its data platform consulting and technology delivery offerings to help clients fully utilize the potential of generative AI in their businesses. Here are a few examples of these new capabilities:

Multimodal Supply Chain Insights: Using Generative AI, Pluto7 can process text and tabular data to provide real-time insights on supply chain disruptions. It can predict potential impacts on purchase orders due to port strikes or hurricanes and suggest alternative suppliers, offering vital support to maintain continuity.

Predictive Sales Analytics: Utilizing generative AI capabilities, Pluto7 can analyze current inventory and price data, predicting which products should be marked down to boost sales.

Demand Planning: The generative AI system can analyze current demand to identify overstocked products and their locations, helping businesses optimize inventory and cut costs.

All of this is built upon years of domain, data, and industry experience, with a deep understanding of the customer’s data and AI journey on Google Cloud. This knowledge comes from working with over 250 customers worldwide. With Generative AI, Pluto7 is-elevating this experience to a new level.

“Generative AI service offerings from PLUTO7 can help transform enterprise decision making through deeper, data-driven insights,” says Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. “We are happy to work with PLUTO7 to drive this data-forward approach forward for organizations.”

The new generative AI offerings from this partnership will be available to customers from June 1st, 2023, for preview.

In addition to offering new generative AI solutions, Pluto7 actively fosters a learning community through its regular workshops on generative AI and data platform offerings. Catering to existing customers and individuals interested in exploring the capabilities of AI, these workshops provide a platform for SAP users to deepen their understanding and identify impactful use cases for generative AI. Refer to Pluto7’s blogs for the latest updates.

Participants in these workshops gain an in-depth understanding of identifying key AI use cases. They are guided through the process of building effective implementation roadmaps tailored to their specific business contexts. For information on participation and schedules, please reach out directly to Pluto7.

To learn more about Pluto7 and its services, visit their website at

About Pluto7:

As a distinguished partner of Google Cloud, Pluto7 is at the forefront of harnessing Google Cloud’s robust machine-learning capabilities to develop transformative AI solutions across various sectors, including Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. Pluto7’s expertise lies in its comprehensive understanding of the SAP landscape and its distinctive ability to devise ready-to-deploy solution accelerators, delivering swift insights within eight weeks or less. By streamlining complex data workflows, Pluto7 enables businesses to effectively and swiftly unlock value from their data. With their latest generative AI solutions, Pluto7 is dedicated to facilitating immediate, seamless data interaction for all business users.

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