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School Security Guard Riverside

School Security Guard Riverside

Riverside School Security Guard Services

Riverside School Security Guard Services

HillQuest Security Services Riverside provides school security in and around the Los Angeles area.

RIVERSIDE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2023/ — On March 27, a mass school shooting took place at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Three nine-year-old children and three adult staff members were killed within minutes. The shooter, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, was identified as a 28-year-old former student. Hale, who identifies as a male, was shot and killed by police when they arrived after receiving a call from an informant.

The school issued a statement shortly after the incident saying, “Our community is heartbroken. We are grieving tremendous loss and are in shock coming out of the terror that shattered out school and church.”

Further Details Unfold

As the crisis is being further investigated and live footage is being reviewed, concerns are being raised. The timeline shows Hale, armed with two assault rifles and a hand gun, arriving in the parking lot at 9:54 am then shooting through the glass side entrance doors at 10:11.

At 10:13, Davidson County Sherriff’s Office received a call from an old friend Hale has sent a message to tipping off a possible attack at the school. Police received a call about an active shooter around the same time and reached the school twelve minutes later where a teacher informed one of the officers that the students were locked down and two teachers were unaccounted for.

It was later discovered that Hale had intended the pastor of the church who she had been undergoing counseling with to be the target. Instead, she randomly shot six victims.

What If…

While twelve minutes is a highly commendable response time, it obviously wasn’t quick enough to save six lives, according to scores of concerned parents, staff, community members, and citizens nationwide.

“What if a security guard had been on duty to intercept Hale before he opened fire and took precious lives?” Rebecca W., a Nashville mother asked. “Parking lot security might have batched the plan just by being visible or at least would have noted the guns and suspicious behavior. Trained security inside the school might have prevented the tragedy as well.”

Too Little, Too Late?
In early 2022, security consultant Brink Fidler conducted disaster training at The Covenant School, leading the staff through mass shooter training. The preparedness instructions included escape and lockdown skills along with medical trauma lessons.

Brinks spoke at a news briefing on Tuesday and praised the staff for their response during the tragic event. Some, however, are wondering why more measures weren’t taken such as hiring on-site security.

Those who feel a disaster of such magnitude could never happen at their school or any other public (or private) place are being urged by experts in the security industry to think again. Had the powers that be at The Covenant School had any idea such an unspeakable act would happen at their school, more action than a training session would have undoubtedly taken place.

Doing the Math: The Odds are Not in Good Favor
Shootings are reaching epidemic numbers. The Covenant School shooting was the seventh school shooting event in March 2023. Just five days before, a shooting occurred in Denver, CO in which two administrators were shot and injured. Three Texas shootings and one in Indiana took place during the month as well, leaving one student and one school visitor dead and a number of students and staff members injured.

According to, there have been 13 school shootings this year that resulted in injuries or deaths. There have been 157 such shootings since 2018. There were 51 school shootings with injuries or deaths last year, the most in a single year since Education Week began tracking such incidents in 2018. There were 35 in 2021, 10 in 2020, and 24 each in 2019 and 2018.

The Covenant School is considered by most to be an unlikely target for a shooting. It is a private Christian elementary school in the quiet Nashville neighborhood of Green Hills. Around 200 students are enrolled.

HillQuest Security Services: Protection in Uncertain Times

HillQuest Security Services Riverside provides school security in and around the Los Angeles area. Not only does HillQuest Security Services Riverside offer training to schools, but they have also highly experienced and certified security guards to protect students, staff, and school visitors. The guards are well-equipped and expertly skilled in both prevention and execution in the event of an emergency – ready and able to take matters into their own hands, acting as a liaison between the emergency and law enforcement, prepared to take measures if needed because every minute the clock ticks as the police are enroute is valuable time.

Founded by a former Marine Officer, HillQuest School Security Services Riverside personnel largely consists of former law enforcement and military agents. Together, they bring over 20 years combined experience to the table. Security guards undergo rigorous training and extensive instruction to offer comprehensive solutions and the ability to create, execute, and maintain next-level security. In addition, they are BSIS, ASIS, and MBE Certified. Every HillQuest Security employee goes through an extensive criminal background check. Screening includes an honesty and drug profile and criminal history fingerprint check through the Department of Public Safety and the FBI.

School security guards patrol and monitor parking lots, hallways, and even lunch rooms to ensure things run smoothly and are always on the lookout for anything or anyone who is suspicious or out of place. Guards provide security measures for such threats as: shootings, assaults, domestic violence, kidnapping, parking lot accidents, disasters like fire, flooding, and earthquakes, bomb threats, auto thefts, thefts, and injuries.

HillQuest Security Services, a premier Los Angeles-based security service, recently expanded its coverage to Riverside, Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernadino, and Victorville. HillQuest is highly acclaimed, and praised by many for being one of the best security services in the nation.

HillQuest Security Services offers on-site consultation where a representative will do a walkthrough your school to offer professional input. A customized plan of action is available with any security service. For more information, contact HillQuest Security Services Riverside – 1-800-893-9646.

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