Business Reinvention & Digital Automation Accelerator Course

Business Reinvention & Digital Automation Accelerator with M. Nadia Vincent, Top 10 Digital Leader

Business Reinvention & Digital Automation Accelerator with M. Nadia Vincent, MBA Top 10 Digital Transformation Leader

Digital Cocreators Network by Digital Transformation Leaders, Business Transformation Coaching, BRADAA

Digital Cocreators Network by Digital Transformation Leaders, Business Transformation Coaching, BRADAA

Are you ready to future-proof your business? Join Business Reinvention & Digital Automation Accelerator with Top 10 Innovation Thought Leader, M. Nadia Vincent.

We live in an era of abundant AI tools and technological advances, but leveraging these for sustainable growth requires a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and a strategic approach,”

— M. Nadia Vincent, MBA

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2023/ — Business leaders and entrepreneurs are poised to embark on an epic business transformation journey to leverage the abundant opportunities in the digital economy, led by the multi-award-winning Digital Transformation Leader, M. Nadia Vincent. An MIT SLOAN Certified Executive Advisor, Vincent is celebrated as a “Global Top 10 Global Thought Leader in spheres such as digital transformation, innovation, artificial intelligence, business continuity, digital disruption and leadership.

Today, Vincent unveils her innovative online course, “Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator.” This course is bolstered by a supportive network platform, “Digital Co-creators,” and an ongoing business innovation coaching program tailored for business leaders. These unique and pioneering offerings arrive at a pivotal moment when businesses worldwide are wrestling with the swift digitalization and automation in today’s global economy.

From these robust resources, participants can anticipate gaining invaluable knowledge and practical tools, uniquely positioning them to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by our increasingly digital world. M. Nadia Vincent continues her mission of empowering leaders to not just adapt but to thrive and innovate amidst digital disruption.

Amidst the proliferation of open AI and other digital technology tools and a global market in a state of constant flux, businesses are confronting an increasingly complex landscape. Without a robust digital strategy encompassing business reinvention, Artificial Intelligence strategy, and automation, companies risk investing blindly in AI adoption. Vincent’s course and platform are designed to be practical and address this concern by guiding business leaders through the meticulous process of digital transformation leadership, which goes beyond mere trend following and delves into the core of business reinvention and digital automation.

“Artificial Intelligence is transforming the global business landscape at an unprecedented pace, but businesses must not rush into it blindly,” says Vincent. “A sustainable business in today’s world requires more than workforce replacement with Artificial Intelligence. It calls for profound business reinvention and leadership, effective innovation strategy, and strategic AI adoption.”

Her online course is designed to equip businesses with the necessary skills and insights for a successful reinvention in the digital economy. With a practical emphasis on the innovative use of AI and other disruptive technologies, the course offers comprehensive strategies for leveraging various digital technologies for optimum business efficiency and return on investment.

However, the course transcends technical competencies. It addresses individual and organizational transformation, resetting business visions, crafting winning business models for the digital age, business process reengineering and optimization, process automation, enhancing customer experience, measuring ROI in transformation, and approaches for growth and risk management. It further delves into critical areas such as data security, disruptive business strategies, and the synergistic application of disruptive digital technologies.

A crucial facet of digital transformation, which the course underscores, is ensuring business continuity while implementing transformative initiatives. The goal is to maintain top-tier business performance, preventing the dreaded “closed for transformation” status that can lead to client loss. This delicate balance of transformation and continuity is often a significant risk for businesses, and mastering it can set a company apart in the digital landscape.

In today’s fast-paced world, business transformation is not a mere desire—it is an imperative and for every business sector. Disruption can occur rapidly, and businesses must foster agility, innovation, and readiness to adapt to change, turning potential disruption into opportunities.

We, at Digital Transformation Leaders, recognize this urgency. That’s why we offer executive advisory services, providing onboard support for businesses navigating the transformation journey. Course participants will gain access to our Innovation Mastermind Group, offering collective advisory on various subjects. This benefit is critical for business leaders to ensure they are not navigating the uncharted waters of business disruption alone.

“We live in an era of abundant AI tools and technological advances, but leveraging these for sustainable growth requires a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and a strategic approach,” explains Vincent. “Through the ‘Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator’, businesses can gain profound insights into harnessing AI and other digital technologies strategically, creating a robust digital ecosystem that is adaptable, agile, and primed for growth.”

Complementing the course is the “Digital Cocreators Network”, a unique collaborative platform designed to foster ongoing learning, collaboration, and innovation. The platform, Vincent explains, is a space for Business Innovation Mastermind group discussions, live Q&A sessions, continuous coaching, and access to a rich repository of valuable resources, tools, and templates.

“In today’s fast-paced digital economy, continuous learning is paramount,” Vincent states. “The ‘Digital Cocreators Network’ ensures that business leaders and entrepreneurs can keep their fingers on the pulse of innovation, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and find the support they need to succeed.”

The strategic summer launch of the course and platform is intended to offer businesses a golden opportunity to reflect on their digital strategies, reinvent their approach, and prepare for a prosperous end of the year. With Vincent’s global reputation and award-winning expertise, this summer promises to be a transformative season for businesses.

Participants can join the course live on July 11th or access the material post-launch, providing flexibility for business leaders globally. Plus, to celebrate the course’s summer launch, special Summer pricing is being offered for those who sign up during the summer months.

For more information on the “Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator”: course and its “Digital Cocreators Network,” or to schedule an interview with Marie Nadia Vincent, please contact or visit

About Marie Nadia Vincent

M. Nadia Vincent, MBA, A Business and Technology Management consultant, Author, and Speaker, she is a globally recognized Top 10 Thought Leader in digital transformation, innovation, business continuity, and leadership. She is also named Top 30 most inspiring women in artificial intelligence. With over two decades of experience leading, coaching and implementing digital transformation initiatives for businesses ranging from Fortune 100 and SMB organizations internationally across multiple industries.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital economy. She authored the Digital Leadership and Management book “Leveraging Digital Transformation”. Her mission is to guide businesses toward a sustainable future.

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Introducing Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator

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