Andre Miripolsky

Andre Miripolsky - Fear No Art

Andre Miripolsky – Fear No Art

Andre Mirapolsky - Viva LA Magazine - Best of Los Angeles

Andre Mirapolsky – Viva LA

Established artist Miripolsky brings his high-energy pop art to the broad spectrum of artists and styles represented by the Collective.

Making art has always been my best friend! I take great pleasure sharing my best friend with others.”

— Andre Miripolsky

UNITED STATES, September 2, 2023/ — The Highlands Art Collective is proud to announce the addition of Andre Miripolsky to the roster of fine artists it represents. Mr. Miripolsky is a long-established artist whose playful pop art is deeply engrained in the vibrant culture of Los Angeles.

“What an honor it is to have affiliated with us”, says Ian McIlvaine, Executive Director of the Highlands Collective. “In addition to his infectious art, Andre is just a wonderful people to know and collaborate with.” Miripolsky is now represented by the Highlands Art Collective for gallery events, commissions, sales, civic installation sand related activities.

“There is no artist who is more deeply and lovingly associated with the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles than Andre”, he continues. “His infectious smile and the playful art that comes with it have been embraced by the city, film and music stars for decades.” This includes his signature creation of several art costumes for Sir Elton John – most notably the iconic “Piano Jacket” that was made for the pop musician’s famous concert in Central Park.

Andre has quite literally become part of the landscape of Los Angeles. His branding campaign, Viva LA! proudly evokes the cultural heritage and jubilant energy of the city, emblazoned on billboards, bus sides, murals and myriad promotional items that permeate the community. And most recently, on the cover of the August 2023 issue of Los Angeles Magazine.

Andre’s playful LA Sharks series sees happy, friendly sharks become the welcoming committee for visitors and residents alike to L.A.’s fun attractions along the coast and throughout the city.

“Making art has always been my best friend! I take great pleasure sharing my best friend with others,” says Andre.

​Andre also lends his energy to many social causes, either through creation of inspiring art posters, commissioned murals, or by directly working on non-profit boards and committees. His commitment to causes include work for Pro-Peace, APLA Health, Artists for Disarmament, Colors for Freedom, Peace Love Studio, Paws LA, and for inner-city youth in Los Angeles.

Andre’s attitude and far-reaching career can be appropriately summed up in his famous and perennial mantra, Fear No Art. In fact, his Fear No Art button has been sold continuously at the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum since 1985 and has been carried by over 300 museums around the world.

Miripolsky joins the growing roster of artists in the Highlands Art Collective which includes the “streetcore” artist known as eNUf, satire and parody artist KANSEL, the smart contemporary artist known as TIA and the , which also includes the artists known as eNUf, KANSEL, TIA and the classic eternal beauty created by the artist WILLIAM.

The Collective welcomes inquiries from gallerists, art advisors, journalists, artists and art appreciators of all kinds.

The Highlands Art Collective is an artist representation firm that is affiliated with established and emerging artists to present for gallery events, commissions, online sales, merchandising, civic and charitable endeavors. The Highlands Art Collective was established in 2022 to provide artists non-exclusive representation to expand their opportunities for exposure and income. The Collective is focused on artists who create art that is relevant to the times, and creating events that invite art lovers to participate in—not just attend—gallery shows that feature engaging activities related to the art. Operating under the banner of “The Anecdote to Boring Art”, the artists in The Highlands Art Collective believe art can stimulate the viewer about current issues and emotions without preaching and do so through events and shows that eschew the traditional art gallery exhibition model of “stuff on the wall.”

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