Lider Electric offers 3 types of guide light products with unique and modern color options.

This photo demonstrates where the lighting on the product is directed with the louvered lens.

Lider Electric’s guide light outlet features a louvered lens that helps downcast the lighting.

This image showcases the product features of the full-face guide light.

The guide light products offer a modern and clean design.

Lider’s guide lights combine functionality, safety, and aesthetics, revolutionizing the way homeowners illuminate their spaces.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 / — Lider Electric, an emerging player in the lighting control and wiring industry, carries an exciting line of guide light products. Designed to combine functionality, safety, and aesthetics, these new offerings are set to revolutionize the way homeowners illuminate their spaces.

Lider currently carries three in-wall guide light products: a full-face, a combination guide light and switch, and a combination guide light and outlet. It is perfect for families with young children who are likely to tamper with a plug-in night light. Unlike traditional night lights that protrude from outlets or hang loosely, this innovative product is installed directly into the wall like a regular outlet or switch for a smooth and unobtrusive appearance.

The guide light provides subtle illumination enhancing visibility in hallways, staircases, and other areas prone to low light. Both the full-face and guide light outlets come with a louvered lens to create indirect, downcast lighting, further personalizing your guide light experience.

The guide light itself saves energy by operating automatically with a photoelectric sensor so that light levels are detected to turn the LED guide light ON when ambient light is low and OFF when ambient light is high. This high-tech device has a built-in energy-efficient LED bulb that eliminates the need for routine replacement of light bulbs, with a lamp life rated 50,000 hours.

The guide light with switch combines the functionality of a guide light with the convenience of a switch, allowing users to easily locate the switch in the dark. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas where quick access to lighting is essential, this combination guide light offers versatility and increased accessibility.

The guide light outlet similarly offers the ultimate convenience. This combination guide light features a built-in outlet, providing users with an additional power source without sacrificing valuable wall space. Ideal for charging devices, powering small appliances, or plugging in night lights, this innovative solution maximizes utility while maintaining a streamlined aesthetic. It is great for kitchens, hallways, and more.

By blending seamlessly into the wall, Lider guide lights offer homeowners a discreet and stylish lighting solution that enhances safety without compromising aesthetics. Many sophisticated color variations like black, gold, light almond, and more are available to match your interior design.

All of Lider Electric’s guide light products are engineered to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind for homeowners. With easy installation and energy-efficient LED technology, these products offer long-lasting illumination while minimizing energy consumption.

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At Lider, we transform simple wiring and lighting controls into functional, safe, and visually stunning devices. Our company mission is to bring style and versatility to forward-thinking technical development. That’s why each device has a sleek, refined build and is engineered with ultra-durable material to ensure longevity and high performance. Learn more on our website or on our Amazon storefront.

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