My Miserable Search for Enlightenment

Author Mark Kenzer is thrilled to announce the official launch of his highly anticipated book, “My Miserable Search for Enlightenment.”

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2023/ — Author Mark Kenzer is thrilled to announce the official launch of his highly anticipated book, “My Miserable Search for Enlightenment.” This captivating memoir takes readers on a personal and thought-provoking adventure towards spiritual awakening. Kenzer shares his own experiences and challenges while searching for inner peace and higher understanding.

In “My Miserable Search for Enlightenment,” Kenzer shares his heartfelt story of seeking spiritual fulfillment. From attending retreats in far-off lands to meeting inspiring teachers and guides, he reveals the ups and downs of his transformational journey. Through his honest and engaging writing, Kenzer explores themes of self-discovery, mindfulness, and finding true happiness.

5 out of 5 Star Praise for “My Miserable Search for Enlightenment” from Amazon readers:

“I loved being transported into the life of this very sensitive insightful man. I came to know him intimately, and it was quite a journey he took me on. Then I got to consider the karmic implications of all actions. And spiritual wisdom for the taking. His point of view will stay with me. So thank you mark for this very uplifting journey.” – Gurudaya Khalsa

“I wholeheartedly recommend ‘My Miserable Search for Enlightenment’ to anyone seeking a profound and transformative reading experience. Mark Kenzer’s exceptional storytelling, combined with his unyielding honesty and unwavering pursuit of self-discovery, reminds us all of the inherent beauty, ups, downs, and complexities of the search for enlightenment.

“I was genuinely captivated from the very beginning, already mentally drafting what my own path to enlightenment would look like before I had even absorbed the final pages. What sets ‘My Miserable Search for Enlightenment’ apart and makes this book instantly relatable is Mark Kenzer’s unabashed honesty and willingness to expose his vulnerabilities. What I love most are the author’s encounters with various spiritual traditions and practices, showcasing his genuine curiosity and open-mindedness. Whether he’s engaging in intense meditation retreats, embarking on transformative pilgrimages, or exploring the teachings of renowned gurus, Mark presents a wide range of spiritual approaches with respect and curiosity. This inclusivity encourages me to contemplate my own belief system and embrace a broader understanding of the search for meaning and enlightenment.

“Mark Kenzer has truly crafted a literary masterpiece that deserves a prominent place among the finest works in the genre of spiritual memoirs. Since reading this book, I have felt so incredibly inspired, I’ve rediscovered by own spiritual curiosity, and I’ve even started meditating again, focusing on my own unapologetic human journey to find enlightenment.” – Shellynn Finstad

Mark Kenzer is a best-selling author and spiritual seeker known for dedicating his life to unraveling the mysteries of the human spirit. For interviews, speaking engagements, or more information, please contact Mark Kenzer at [email protected]. Visit or find him on social media to learn more about his work.

Experience the transformative journey of “My Miserable Search for Enlightenment,” available on Amazon in soft cover format, hard cover, or download for only 99 cents on Kindle starting Thursday, July 13th through Monday, July 17 th at this link: “My Miserable Search for Enlightenment.” Join Mark Kenzer as he unravels the secrets of personal enlightenment and invites readers to embark on their own path of self-discovery.

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