DEI Micro Learning Modules

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion online learning modules

DEI Micro Learning Modules

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training: A New Approach Enhances Engagement and Respects Time

True diversity and inclusion create an environment where everyone is valued and respected, merging individuality with shared norms for smoother, enriching experiences.”

— Brad Federman

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 / — In today’s fast-paced and diverse world, companies and organizations are constantly seeking ways to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. With the growing importance of DEI in the workplace, it is crucial for businesses to provide effective training for their employees. Announcing a new approach for DEI training – an incentive-based, bite-size, and digital modular training that not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also enhances employee engagement.

PerformancePoint‘s new DEI training program is designed to be accessible and engaging for everyone and focuses on the tangible benefits of DEI through actionable ideas, instead of playing with identities. The training is built with interactive elements to increase retention and a sense of community that inclusive thinking can bring. Modules include videos, quizzes, and critical thinking scenarios.

Topics go beyond the typical DEI training. This is a diverse world, and DEI trainings should reflect that. In that spirit, PerformancePoint’s DEI training tackles topics like Neuro-Diversity, which delves into the different thinking patterns and strengths of people with ADHD or autism.

The training is divided into bite size digital modules, each ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. First, it allows people to take the trainings in their own time, on their own schedule- instead of dropping everything to attend a speaking session. Second, the modular design allows people to tackle a specific topic, leave the training, and return later. This approach allows for better retention of information as employees can take breaks and reflect on the material. The world is busy, and training design should reflect that.

Moreover, this training focuses on enhancing creative thinking in the workplace. Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand with creativity and innovation. By promoting diverse perspectives and inclusive practices, a more creative and collaborative work environment can be achieved.

PerformancePoint is excited to offer this new approach to DEI training and believes that it will have a positive impact on businesses and organizations. Creating a more inclusive and innovative workplace for everyone. For more information on this training program, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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DEI Micro Learning Modules

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