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Dodie H. of Port St. Lucie, FL is the creator of the Chip Zip, a snack bag featuring integrated resealable strips, allowing users to keep remaining chips, pretzels, and other snacks stored in a bag fresh and crisp. The bags can be trimmed once snacks are consumed, and the strips can be sealed to firmly close the bag for future consumption. Users can keep snacks fresh without having to apply an external bag clip, especially useful while traveling or otherwise away from home.

The bag features two mating resealable strips located one-third to halfway down the bag. Users can trim off the top of the bag once food is consumed and reseal it via the strips to keep the remaining food item fresh and edible. Each bag can be used by a snack manufacturer for storing chips, pretzels, and numerous other different types of snacks. The bag can be purchased by a consumer, food can be eaten, and the strips can be utilized to reseal the bag once a desired amount of food is consumed. The bag can also be exceptionally useful for saving space due to the smaller bag sizes once sealed.

Resealable snack bags offer a practical solution for consumers to store and maintain the freshness of snacks while allowing for easy opening and closing. The ability to open and reseal the bag makes it easy for users to snack on the go without compromising freshness. Brands may differentiate themselves through unique packaging designs, logos, and branding on resealable snack bags, offering customization options that can create a distinct identity in the market. Some resealable snack bags are designed with health and wellness considerations in mind. This may include portion-controlled packaging or features that help keep snacks fresh for longer periods. There are endless possibilities for the integration of technology seen in the Chip Zip product that would significantly enhance the value of any manufacturer’s product line.

Dodie filed her Utility Patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is working closely with InventionHome, a leading invention licensing firm, to sell or license the patent rights to her Chip Zip product. Ideal licensing candidates would be U.S. based product manufacturers or distributors looking to further develop and distribute this product innovation.

Companies interested in the Chip Zip can contact InventionHome at [email protected]. Inventors currently looking for assistance in patenting, marketing, or licensing their invention can request information from InventionHome at [email protected] or by calling 1-866-844-6512.

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