Hisense Lifts the Lifestyles Bar at GITEX Global 2023

DUBAI, UAE, October 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global electronics leader Hisense is looking to transform Middle Eastern lifestyles with a stunning line-up of premium, technology-charged, energy-efficient home entertainment, appliances, and ACs going on display this week at GITEX Global 2023.

With a rallying call to consumers to ‘Go Tech & Beyond,’ Hisense is out to make the smart home even smarter with its bar-raising line-up of outstanding products, including award-winning ULED X, Laser televisions, technology-enabled washing machines, driers, dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators across a breadth of exclusive price ranges.

“This product line-up demonstrates the major strides Hisense is making in innovation and technology empowerment throughout the home appliance and entertainment sectors,” commented Jason Ou, President of Hisense MENA. “We anticipate a strong response from the Middle East and North African markets which are early adopters of technology, eager to invest in intelligent, convenient, and interconnected lifestyles, and responsive to a brand renowned for quality products that are safe, dependable, and deliver exceptional high-performance with sustainability at the core.

Hisense is growing fast in this region, and GITEX Global 2023 is our platform to demonstrate our award-winning market-leading product and solutions. Hisense will sustain its strong investment record in this region with new product entries, opening R&D centres, and the expansion of our compelling brand stores.”

The product spotlight will fall on the brand’s Laser TV capabilities, which have garnered Hisense international awards for their delivery of immersive home cinema experiences. Plans are afoot to launch the Hisense L9H Laser TV, which delivers exceptional brightness thanks to a TriChroma X-Fusion 3 Pure-Colour Laser light source with over 25,000 hours of lifetime, and the Mini Projector C1, a portable, intelligent, and flexible home cinema solution, with a display range from 65 to 300 inches and the world’s first Dolby Vision certification for small projectors.

On show at GITEX Global will be the Hisense ULED X TV – an entirely new class of Mini LED, powered by a groundbreaking chipset, which scooped major awards at CES 2023, one of the world’s most powerful tech events.

Sharing the Hisense GITEX Global 2023 spotlight will be the PureFlat refrigerator range that comes with innovative Total No Frost Technology, which evenly circulates chilled air throughout the fridge and freezer to prevent ice crystals from forming while its Dual-Cooling and Triple-Cooling technology helps prevent odour transfer and stops food from drying out too soon.

Visitors to the Hisense stand will also get the chance to preview the company’s 7S intelligent washing machines soon to enter the regional market. The new, super quiet, smart Hisense washing machines are designed for medium-sized households and are great for open-plan living. They have inbuilt water and energy-saving features and a steam setting, which eliminates bacteria and reduces creasing.

“Whatever the household needs, Hisense is pioneering innovative solutions to address them. Coming home to Hisense will mean coming home to convenience, cost savings, and long-term performance that we believe will surpass customer expectations,” added Ou.

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