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Boosting Safety in High Impact Sports: Ezy Mats Enhances Crash Mats Range to Reduce Injury Risk

These mats are not a panacea for all injuries, but they are a significant step forward in sports safety.”

— Gina Araiji

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, August 4, 2023/ — Ezy Mats, a leading supplier of gym and training mats, today announced significant improvements to their range of crash mats. The newly enhanced crash mats are engineered to help reduce the risk of injury during high impact activities, meeting a critical need in the sporting community.

While a traditional jigsaw mat and general-purpose gym mats have been effectively used to create comfortable surfaces for training, Ezy Mats recognises that some activities require an additional layer of protection. High impact sports such as judo, where athletes routinely practice throws, necessitate a different level of cushioning to absorb the force of landings effectively.

The upgraded Ezy Mats crash mats are designed with advanced materials and new construction techniques to provide this superior level of safety. They incorporate innovative impact absorption technology, helping reduce the risk of injury, thereby offering athletes of all ages and abilities the chance to perform at their best with greater peace of mind.

“These mats are not a panacea for all injuries, but they are a significant step forward in sports safety,” said Gina Araiji, spokesperson at Ezy Mats. “We are committed to ensuring that athletes can perform their high impact activities with the knowledge that their safety is our top priority.”

Ezy Mats’ improved range of crash mats aligns with their dedication to the ever-evolving needs of the sports and fitness community. The company’s continuous investment in research and development ensures it remains at the forefront of sports safety technology, providing the best equipment possible for its customers.

These improved crash mats will be available for purchase on the Ezy Mats website and through selected retail partners.

About Ezy Mats:

Ezy Mats is a leading provider of gym and training mats, renowned for their quality, durability, and innovation. They offer an extensive range of products from jigsaw mats to high impact crash mats, catering to the diverse needs of the sports and fitness community. With a commitment to safety and performance, Ezy Mats aims to help athletes train effectively and safely.

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