The Alaskan artisans at B Merry Studio create unique knives, sculptures, and pendants from sustainable materials such as natural woods, bones, and antlers.

Totally unaware of your work, we Googled your shop and are totally impressed. Your work is exquisite. Our new ulu will never be put away. It will always be exposed on display.”

— Rod L

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2023/ — Alaskan knives made from bones and antlers offer a classic touch to traditional knives, handmade and crafted from natural materials. This type of knife is a traditional style used by the indigenous people of Alaska, and each knife is unique. Bone and antler knives are also durable and ideal for hunting, skinning, and other outdoor activities. For instance, Ulu knives are revered for their traditional aesthetic, superb craftsmanship, and durable materials. They are traditional tools of Alaska’s indigenous people, used for centuries for various tasks, such as cutting and chopping. But finding authentic Alaska knives online is not easy. However, some reputed manufacturers like B Merry Studio source their materials from Alaska each fall to offer American customers custom-made, authentic Alaska knives.

Alaska is known for its vast wilderness and outdoor activities, and knives are essential for survival and exploration in the rugged terrain. That’s why Alaska knives feature unique patterns, sturdy designs, and handles made from bones, antlers, and wood, to function in hostile weather conditions. Alaska knives come in various shapes and sizes for different activities. For example, the earlier mentioned Ulu knives feature a curved blade for skinning, chopping, and slicing. It’s utilized with a rocking motion and features a semicircular blade and central handle. Although various manufacturers supply Ulu blades, making a genuine Ulu knife requires precision, craftsmanship, and knowledge of Alaskan knives. The best option would be purchasing knives from suppliers with a manufacturing facility in Alaska. For instance, B Merry Studio has a dedicated team of artists in its Alaskan facility for producing custom-made hunting, boning, and Ulu knives. So those looking for an Ulu knife from Alaska can explore B Merry Studio for authentic Alaskan knives, available in more than 30 designs.

“I just recently purchased an ulu built by you from a knife builders shop and store in Rapid River, Michigan. We are new to the function, but love it. Totally unaware of your work, we Googled your shop and are totally impressed. Your work is exquisite. Now we want more than ever to make a trip to Alaska. Our new ulu will never be put away. It will always be exposed on display. Will be making additional purchases for sure.” – Rod L

Other popular versions of Alaskan knives include hunting, fillet, skinning, survival, and pendant knives, each featuring intricate patterns, blade designs, and handles for different functions. The Alaska hunting knife, for instance, is a multipurpose tool for skinning, quartering, and otherwise preparing wildlife. For prolonged usage in the field, this knife features a solid stainless blade and comfortable handle made from Moose antler, Musk Ox bone, and North American wood species. A good hunting knife includes high-quality stainless steel (AUS8-grade or above) or Damascus steel. These blades keep their edge and can be further sharpened if necessary. Genuine Damascus steel blades are folded 416 times using three different metals, resulting in stunning designs and improved edge retention, hardness, and flexibility.

AUS8 stainless steel is highly corrosion-resistant and may be sharpened to surgical precision. Damascus steel, on the other hand, is more expensive because of the forging process that gives it its characteristic pattern. As a result, a knife made of Damascus steel is excellent for harsher duties like hunting and camping, while an AUS8-grade steel knife is more practical for everyday use. B Merry Studio is a great place to browse for reasonably priced stainless knives and high-end Damascus steel hunting blades, which are hand-forged in Alaska.

Alaskan skinner knives have become popular among hunters and outdoor adventurers thanks to their efficiency and versatility. These tools are perfect for hunters and campers since they make skinning and processing animals a breeze. In addition, these are versatile instruments because of their thin, sharp blades that are great for cutting and slicing. As a result, many Alaskans place a high value on these knives, which are often handmade and contain elaborate carvings.

Another widely used Alaskan blade is carving knives with antlers and bone handles. Their slender and elegantly curved blades are perfect for intricate and delicate cutting, carving, and shaping. Handles are typically carved from antlers or animal bones and display elaborate designs.

Besides the knives, Alaskan handmade sculptures and pendants are also highly appreciated worldwide. Antler and bone sculptures and pendants from Alaska are popular among tourists and locals because of their unique design and symbolic representation of Alaskan indigenous culture. The exquisite carvings and handcrafted nature of these pieces are commonplace. They are long-lasting and worthy of being kept in the family for generations. The natural elegance of these materials and the histories they carry are also highly valued by many individuals. For instance, many buyers appreciate the unique designs and patterns available with B Merry Studio, which offer one-of-a-kind pendants and carvings, ranging from hand-carved caribou antler designs to Dymondwood square pendant.

In sum, Alaskan knives suit every kind of buyer, whether looking for practical kitchen and hunting blades or a premium heirloom. To get genuine, high-end Alaska knives, it’s essential to check the build quality and materials. Consider blades handmade from high-grade AUS8-grade or Damascus steel and natural materials, such as antlers and bone. Researching the knifemaker and reading reviews and suggestions from previous buyers is also crucial. B Merry Studio, which sources all its materials from Alaska, is one company many customers trust for providing genuine Alaska knives, carvings, and artifacts.

About B Merry Studio

B Merry Studio is a family-run Alaska business founded by Bob Merry. Bob Merry and his crew are the largest distributors in Alaska and the world regarding custom-made Ulu knives. In addition, the studio creates custom-made Alaska knives, carvings, pendants, and sculptures from antlers, bones, and wood. They are committed to using only naturally-sourced materials, high-quality steel, and craftsmanship to ensure their products are of the highest quality. As a result, they have built a loyal customer base and are proud to offer the best in Alaskan crafts.

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