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New emotional wearable reinvents the traditional locket for the Digital Age

One of my earliest childhood memories was of my grandmother, and feeling her heartbeat whenever she hugged me tight. I’ll never forget that, and wanted to capture it forever.”

— Kwame Ferreira, Founder

MENLO PARK, CA, USA, April 10, 2023/ — Bond Touch, the pioneer in emotional wearables, is pleased to debut its newest innovation, Bond Heart. This first-of-its-kind accessory, a smart necklace that captures loved ones’ heartbeats so they can be worn and felt close to one’s own, is now available for $99.00 at and Amazon.

Minimalist, a little mysterious, and intended for all genders, Bond Heart is a modern-day, tech-forward reinterpretation of the locket. Instead of a photo, it allows multiple heartbeats to be saved, uploaded, and worn around the neck. When held, the pendant vibrates, allowing users to feel the heartbeat of the loved one stored within it. A perfect gift that keeps loved ones forever close, this special piece of jewelry powerfully reinforces the emotional and sensory connections to those we cherish.

The necklace, the latest emotional wearable to be introduced by Bond Touch, was inspired by Founder Kwame Ferreira’s own sentiment for a beloved family member. “One of my earliest childhood memories was of my grandmother, and feeling her heartbeat whenever she hugged me tight,” said Ferreira. “I’ll never forget that, and wanted to capture it forever.”

How does Bond Heart work?

Bond Heart pairs with iOS or Android smartphones using Bluetooth, allowing heartbeats to be recorded and shared to the pendant.

To record a heartbeat, the user places their finger over the smartphone’s camera and flashlight, allowing the camera to identify the pattern of the heartbeat through the skin. Recorded heartbeats are stored in the app’s Heartbeat Library and uploaded to the necklace.

To wake up the necklace and feel a heartbeat, the user simply double-taps the pendant while holding its front and back. It will pulse the heartbeat’s rhythm, no Wi-Fi required. Let it go and it will stop. Multiple heartbeats can be stored in the app’s “heartbeat library,” allowing users to access whichever they wish.

Who is Bond Heart for?

Anyone who wants the comfort of keeping a loved one close – partner, parent, grandparent, grandchild, family member, military spouse, dear friend, and more. Poignantly, Bond Heart can be an invaluable keepsake that allows users to permanently capture and recall on demand the heartbeat of someone far away, or whose time may be limited.

Bond Heart comes in black or white recycled plastic with a surrounding aluminum loop, a 21-inch/54-cm chain, and its own charger. A gold-colored aluminum loop and chain are available for an additional $25.

Bond Touch products are available through and the Bond Touch Amazon store. Bond Touch participates in major affiliate programs, including ShareASale and Skimlinks.

About Bond Touch

Since its launch in 2017, Bond Touch has used technology to bridge distance in relationships. Founder Kwame Ferreira came up with the idea in conversation with his colleagues who sought to find a meaningful way to keep in touch with their partners whilst busy schedules and frequent travel kept them apart. Since then, Bond Touch has grown to help more than 1 million people remain connected with its Bond Touch and Bond Touch More bracelets, and now with Bond Heart. Bond Touch is an Impossible company. For more information go to, or @bondtouch on social media.

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