Discover the Eloquent Beauty of ‘A Gumbo Of Poems & Quotes’

Embracing Creativity On and Off the Page: Aurora L. Threats, Author of ‘A Gumbo Of Poems & Quotes,’ Rides the Trolley of Artistry

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2023 / — Award-Winning Artist Aurora L. Threats Unveils Her Inspirational Masterpiece: “A Gumbo Of Poems & Quotes”

Aurora L. Threats, a multifaceted artist with an extraordinary portfolio spanning film, literature, and cultural collaborations, has once again taken the literary world by storm with her latest creation, “A Gumbo Of Poems & Quotes.”

Intrinsically, “A Gumbo of Poems & Quotes” is an invigorating literary mélange of eloquent poems and quotes that aspire to encourage one to discover the best that exists within themselves. This inspirational collection is uplifting and thought-provoking. The quotes epitomize the roux – they create an enlivening flavor to the medley and encourage an appetite to be better, to succeed, to believe in oneself, and allow one’s dreams to unfurl.

“A Gumbo Of Poems & Quotes” stands as a testament to Aurora’s artistic prowess and her unique ability to craft words into an exquisite masterpiece of emotions, experiences, faith, and reflections, revealing her exceptional talent and profound intellectual depth. This exceptional work invites readers on a profound journey of self-discovery, inspiring them to embrace their true selves and find beauty in every moment.

Aurora L. Threats, celebrated for her groundbreaking animated short film, “Supercilious,” which was fashioned from a poem inside “A Gumbo Of Poems & Quotes” collection bearing the same name. Her exceptional artistic talent led to her winning the Best Animated Short Film award in each of the international film festivals where her film, “Supercilious,” was featured, including the Paris ARG International Film Festival, the Toronto Afro Animation Short Film Award, the Ontario International Black & Diversity Film Festival, and the African Film Festival.

Notably, Aurora’s groundbreaking success includes being the first woman in the United States to collaborate with Ghana on an animated short film. This remarkable journey has solidified Aurora’s position as a pioneering artist, and it was further acknowledged by her nomination for the Best Animated Short Film in the category of Motion Pictures at the 54th NAACP Image Awards.

About Aurora L. Threats: Aurora L. Threats is a multifaceted artist with an extraordinary portfolio spanning film, literature, and cultural collaborations. Her creative vision and unwavering dedication have earned her critical acclaim, establishing her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech & Theatre Education and a Master’s of Science degree in Human Relations & Business, Aurora’s impressive educational background includes her study at Marla Gibbs’ Crossroads Arts Academy. Her accomplished stage performances have graced every major stage in the United States, including iconic venues such as the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, CA, the legendary Beacon Theatre in New York, NY, and the renowned Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Her enduring commitment to cultural collaboration and artistic excellence, reflected through her eloquent writings, continues to reshape the creative landscape.

Just in time for the holidays, to acquire your own copy of this literary masterpiece and make it a treasured addition to your collection or library, simply visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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