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Within a week of its launch, Artisse has ranked the #1 position in the new free photography app on GooglePlay, as reported by AppBrain.

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, August 25, 2023/ — Within a week of its launch, Artisse has ranked the #1 position in the new free photography app on GooglePlay in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan, as reported by AppBrain. This placement reflects its growing adoption and the value it brings to the photography community.

Artisse was introduced to the market as an AI-driven tool, transforming text or visual cues into images. Its user base has shown strong day-on-day growth, with positive feedback highlighting the app’s ability to address prevalent challenges in the photography space.

The app has experienced growth in all major regions worldwide, with users highlighting its utility in simplifying the photo creation process and the quality of the images produced.

William Wu, CEO of Artisse, shared, “The introduction of AI in photography is reshaping how everyday individuals approach photography. This shift is the most significant change in the photography realm in the past two decades.”

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The Artisse team is continuously working on enhancing the app based on user feedback, ensuring its sustained relevance and utility.

About Artisse

Recognised by KPMG & HSBC as the #1 fastest growing startup in Hong Kong and #8 fastest in Asia (among 6400+ startups), Artisse AI is a leading technology focused AI company. The company’s consumer application launched in August 2023 to change the photography industry and empower users to create perfect, highly personalized photos instantly and effortlessly.

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