ISVPay has partnered with Applestone Solutions to help Bingham’s Custom Meats introduce self-service kiosks.

Working with Applestone Solutions and ISVPay has been seamless and easy, which has made it easier to focus on our products and brand expansion.”

— Nathan Bingham, owner of Bingham’s Custom Meats

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/ — ISVPay, a leading payment platform for ISVs has partnered with Applestone Solutions, a leader in software solutions for automated retail, to help Bingham’s Custom Meats introduce self-service kiosks.

Bingham’s Custom Meats, headquartered in Morgan, Utah offers customers butcher services and fresh and local meat through their retail store front. They are committed to expanding the footprint of their brand, and making their products more easily available to customers, by offering their Bacon Bombs from self-service vending kiosks throughout the Northern Utah area.

Applestone Solutions provides a unique, software-as-a-service solution that works with an array of vending hardware – refrigerated, frozen, and room temperature machines of various sizes and price ranges to help merchants build and manage automated retail experiences. Their software specializes in food safety monitoring, seed-to-sale tracking, real-time sales and inventory reporting, and ease of integration with point-of-sale, inventory management, and ERP systems.

Their mission is to make it easy for systems retailers to expand their operating hours and footprints, sell more products, and maintain 24/7 relationships with customers.

ISVPay’s unattended payment platform offers digital payment acceptance and a seamless customer journey for self-service devices, in-store kiosks, and online payments. The full-service tool equips ISVs to deliver a seamless integrated payment experience within their software. Partners with ISVPay are able to increase revenue, maximize product offering, increase customer satisfaction and have access to a dedicated solutions expert.

The Applestone Solutions and ISVPay partnership provides Bingham’s Custom Meats with a self-service kiosk to make their goods more accessible to customers in Roy, Utah without driving the 25 miles to Morgan, UT to visit the store front.

Customers are able to select their purchase by browsing products on the large digital display and completing their purchase on an unattended and PCI-DSS certified device.

“We wanted to be able to expand our brand and be able to offer our products in locations closer to our customers” said Nathan Bingham, owner of Bingham’s Custom Meats. “Using a Bacon Bomb vending machine was the perfect solution to be able to achieve this. Working with Applestone Solutions and ISVPay has been seamless and easy, which has made it easier to focus on our products and brand expansion.”

“We are excited to support software that enables businesses to expand their reach” said Lacey Frenzl, Vice President of Customer Experience at ISVPay. “Applestone Solutions was able to leverage the ISVPay platform to complete the integration and deliver a seamless payment experience to consumers. Bingham’s is able to leverage ISVPay’s robust reporting portal to see sales in real time and has all the tools necessary to manage their processing accounts.”

“ISVPay is exactly the kind of partner we love to work with,” said Joshua Applestone, CEO of Applestone Solutions.

“They’re helpful, responsive, and their platform is easy to integrate with and deploy. They helped us build a great customer experience for Bingham’s, and we’re looking forward to working with them in the future.”

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About ISVPay

ISVPay specializes in unattended payments and offers the benefit of convenient, contactless transactions in verticals where unattended payments are making an impact. We focus on making our clients successful by uniting the best expertise and payment infrastructure available in the industry, combined with a unique rewards model not comparable to anything else. We take the complexity out of payments and allow software companies to do what they do best… develop software.

About Applestone Solutions

For the growing automated retail business, Applestone Solutions has cracked the code on the regulatory, operational, food safety, and inventory tracking needs for merchants in many sectors, including but not limited to fresh grocery, meat, cheese, prepared foods, and regulated goods like marijuana and CBD. The Applestone solution offers an attractive, effective solution to address shrinkage. It allows customers to have instant access to high value products that retail staff would ordinarily need to retrieve from locked cabinets. It also creates a record of who loaded the machine and when, providing data for analyzing any employee-based shrinkage.

Applestone’s founder, Joshua Applestone, started and ran the country’s first vending-based, 24/7 butcher shop, The Applestone Meat Company, soon he was recognizing that existing vending technology fell short of meeting the ambitious requirements for businesses like his — e.g. food safety monitoring, seed-to-sale tracking, real-time sales and inventory reporting, and ease of integration with existing systems — Joshua founded Applestone Solutions to fill the gap. Unlike the old-school vending solutions currently in the market — many of which are built by technology companies outside the U.S. and by engineering teams without any practical retail experience — Applestone Solutions’ software is fun and easy to use, quick to deploy, highly customizable, and built for enterprise scale.

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Bingham’s Bacon Bomb Vending Machine

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