Laura Rodgers, AmpliFi CFO

AmpliFi Announces Laura Rodgers as New CFO and Leadership Team Member

We are confident that her exceptional skills and visionary approach will greatly contribute to AmpliFi’s continued growth and success and that of our clients.”

— Shelly Twigg, AmpliFi CEO

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, June 12, 2023/ — AmpliFi, a leading provider of strategic financial advisory and accounting services for small and mid-size businesses, is delighted to announce the appointment of Laura Rodgers as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a key addition to its esteemed leadership team. With her extensive experience in both the private and government sectors, Laura brings a wealth of expertise to support AmpliFi’s mission of empowering businesses to scale and achieve their financial goals.

Having joined AmpliFi as a valued consultant a year ago, Laura has consistently demonstrated her ability to translate complex financial information into actionable insights, enabling small and mid-size business-owners to make the best decisions for their organizations. Her strategic advisory skills, revenue growth expertise, implementation of operational controls, and financial management acumen have been instrumental in preparing owners for successful exits or fundraising endeavors.

“Laura has demonstrated a steadfast approach to providing high-value deliverables to our clients, and her dedication to coaching clients and peers toward success makes her a valuable addition to the Leadership Team,” said Shelly Twigg, CEO of AmpliFi. “We are confident that her exceptional skills and visionary approach will greatly contribute to AmpliFi’s continued growth and success and that of our clients.”

AmpliFi believes that Laura’s ability to instill confidence and provide informed guidance in decision-making, strategic planning, and day-to-day operations will greatly benefit their clients. She joins and supports the management of a growing collective of top-tier financial professionals dedicated to transformative solutions and strategic growth, stability and exit strategy for entrepreneurs of all levels.

Jeremy Smith, COO of AmpliFi, expressed his excitement about Laura’s appointment, stating, “I am thrilled to welcome Laura as AmpliFi’s new CFO. Her impact as a consultant CFO has exemplified her expertise in quickly identifying client needs, offering concise service options, and employing an effective systematic approach, which has already delivered immediate value to multiple clients. Laura’s exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction will undoubtedly drive AmpliFi to new heights, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for clients in achieving shared goals.”

Whether small or mid-size, businesses seeking to uncover their true financial health, maximize valuation, or pursue acquisitions or exits can rely on AmpliFi’s comprehensive financial consulting services. AmpliFi’s team of experts, including Laura Rodgers, is dedicated to helping businesses get where they want to go.

To learn more about AmpliFi and how they can assist your business, contact us today.

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