Alaskan Fossils is an Alaska-based service providing genuine woolly mammoth fossils, bones, pre-historic pieces, and restoration services.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2023/ — Fossils found in Alaska are remnants of life that existed millions of years ago. The petrified remains of wood, shells, bones, and teeth are standard repositories of these fossils. In addition to serving as decorative and educational pieces, fossils from Alaska are purchased for their historical significance. Aside from their scientific value, fossils found in Alaska also have aesthetic value. For example, mammoth tusks and ivories can be an excellent art collection for enhancing the home décor. Authentic woolly mammoth fossils are highly prized because of their fascinating history. Alaskan Fossils bring museum-quality mammoth tusks for sale, guaranteeing the authenticity and originality of each item.

Woolly mammoth fossils have been frozen in Siberia and other places for the past twenty thousand years. This freezing coating has thawed due to rising temperatures, making their costly ivory teeth more accessible and sparking flourishing commerce. Any avid collector craves the opportunity to acquire at least one genuinely unique or extremely rare item. It may be an authentic artwork or an expensive sculpture by a renowned artist. With its distinctive and beautiful color patterns, mammoth ivory is a popular material for collectors of authentic items and antiquities.

Owning a mammoth tusk or an ancient buried knife is like owning a part of the history that existed millions of years ago. Consequently, these pre-historic items are highly valued among premium customers, and they would pay any price for bringing original Alaskan fossils. There can be several reasons why many are willing to pay hefty prices to own a part of ancient history. First, the rarity and difficulty of obtaining woolly mammoth bones, tusks, and ivory increased its value to collectors and enthusiasts. Second, these remnants give us insight into the past and shed light on the ecology and behavior of these extinct species. Third, owning a piece of history has intrinsic value to its owner. Finally, mammoth tusks, bones, and ivory are seen as investments by some people who believe their worth will rise.

But determining their authenticity, quality, and legality can be challenging in online purchasing. Many suppliers claim original fossils, artifacts, and ivories, but it’s hard to judge seeing a picture of these items, whether real or fake. To trick customers, some merchants on sites like eBay and Amazon may carve a tooth out of stone and paint it to look like a megalodon tooth, while some can take a broken tooth and “repair” it by attaching another broken tooth to it. Compared to the price of a fossil tooth, the value of these teeth is far lower. While it’s true that many fossils may require some level of cleaning before being displayed, be wary of bargains that turn out to be fake since the vendor cut corners. Even flawed genuine fossils have a unique value.

Reputed suppliers like Alaskan Fossils spend most of their time searching and collecting authentic fossil items and ancient artifacts in Alaska, making them more likely to be authentic. After procuring fossil remains, they might repair and polish the pieces to make them more attractive. When they put mammoth tusks for sale, they provide complete information, such as where they were found, age, and other relevant data, to ensure buyers have clarity over the intended purchase. However, their exclusive items, such as mammoth tusks or bones, are rare finds, so one must call them to know the pricing.

Among the costliest fossil remains on sale are the complete mammoth skulls with tusks. The highest prices are usually reserved for exceptionally rare or well-preserved mammoth fossils such as wooly skulls, bones, tusks, and other rare items. So when purchasing these items online or from a store, one should research them before making the heavy investment. Buyers also have to think about the legality, permits, and documentation. For instance, some US states, such as New York and New Jersey, ban the mammoth, elephant, and whale ivory trade. Anybody looking to buy genuine mammoth tusks or bones should familiarize themselves with the relevant laws in their region. Permits or other documents establishing the legitimacy of the specimens’ provenance may be necessary. So, it is necessary to deal with trusted suppliers who understand the intricacy of legislation and give legitimate pieces with complete information to avoid the legal and shipping trouble associated with the mammoth ivory trade. For instance, many buyers rely on Alaskan Fossils for procuring rare and genuine fossils, woolly mammoth remains, bones, and their restoration.

Auctions and private sales are feasible ways to acquire mammoth tusks and bones. But, before purchasing, ensure the specimens are legitimate and authentic. A competent appraiser or paleontologist can assist buyers in verifying the authenticity of fossils and other specimens and ensure that they were not illegally obtained. The illegal trade of elephant ivory can be fueled by the sale of mammoth tusks and bones, which depletes the world’s archaeological legacy. That’s why it’s crucial to exercise due diligence and moral rectitude when collecting such specimens.

Those already owning a pre-historic mammoth skull or ivory may also have to consider maintenance and restoration services to save their investments. Mammoth ivory restoration is mending or restoring damaged or degraded mammoth ivory items. Mammoth ivory is a precious and fragile substance that needs special care to preserve its beauty and durability. However, environmental elements like moisture, heat, and light can cause mammoth ivory artifacts to decline and lose their original appearance without proper care. Therefore, restoration of mammoth ivory should only be attempted by those with the appropriate training and experience. Using the wrong methods or supplies could sustain additional harm and cause a loss of value. Many owners rely on Alaskan Fossils, a mammoth tusk repair, cleaning, and restoration expert.

About Alaskan Fossils

Alaskan Fossils specializes in recovering, restoring, and selling woolly mammoth fossils, bones, and pre-historic pieces. They also provide pre-historic pieces like antlers, claws, horns, and complete skeletons. In addition to selling fossils, Alaskan Fossils also provides restoration services. The company specializes in treating fossils, bones, and pre-historic pieces, restoring them to their original condition or even better. Alaskan Fossils use advanced techniques and processes, such as impregnation, to restore and protect the fossils.

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