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ZestFA Offers Advanced Data Consolidation Solutions for Accountants, Simplifying Monthly Reporting Requirements.

We’re so excited to get this important tool into the hands of fixed asset professionals everywhere.”

— Angie Chase, CEO, ZestFA

EUGENE, OR, USA, February 13, 2024 / — Introduction:
Zero Effort Solutions, Inc., a leader in accounting automation software, has announced the launch of ZestFA. This innovative tool is designed to streamline the data consolidation process in fixed asset management, offering a solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy. Officially available from February 1, 2024, ZestFA aims to transform how fixed asset management is handled by professionals across various industries.

Problem Statement:

The monthly reporting period presents a significant challenge for accountants, requiring the consolidation of PDF and Excel reports from multiple systems. The traditional approach, involving manual data consolidation, consumes considerable time, introduces potential errors, and extends financial close times.

Solution and Benefits:

ZestFA introduces an innovative approach to financial data consolidation, eliminating the need for traditional systems integration. The solution enables the automated extraction and consolidation of data from Excel and PDF reports, simplifying the reporting process. ZestFA’s technology is capable of handling data from a single source or seamlessly processing information from thousands of sources, offering scalability and flexibility. The output, ranging from simple PDF forms to complex spreadsheets, is organized and accurate, facilitating a more streamlined financial close process.

Security and Data Privacy:

Security and data privacy are paramount in the design of ZestFA. The solution employs end-to-end encryption throughout the data consolidation process, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of financial reports. Operated within a secure cloud environment, ZestFA utilizes the latest security features provided by Amazon Web Services to safeguard data against unauthorized access.


ZestFA is available for professionals looking to improve their fixed asset management workflows. Organizations interested in exploring ZestFA’s capabilities are invited to visit the official website for more information. Zero Effort Solutions offers a trial period, allowing users to experience ZestFA’s features without initial investment.

About Zero Effort Solutions, Inc.:

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Zero Effort Solutions, Inc. specializes in the development of software solutions that automate and simplify accounting processes. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, the company strives to deliver tools that enhance productivity and decision-making for accounting professionals.

Next Steps:

Professionals interested in ZestFA can find additional information and request a demonstration at Zero Effort Solutions invites inquiries from businesses of all sizes to explore how ZestFA can meet their fixed asset management needs.

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