RFID Returning Station For Reusable Food Containers

Xerafy Circular TRAK RFID Tag on Reusables Food Containers

Xerafy Circular TRAK RFID Tag on Reusables Food Containers

SINGAPORE, April 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xerafy, a global leader in RFID technology, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Reusables.com, a leading player in sustainable foodservice solutions. This pioneering collaboration aims to transform the foodservice sector through cutting-edge RFID reusable packaging innovations.

The partnership between Xerafy and Reusables.com marks a significant milestone in the quest for heightened sustainability and operational efficiency in the foodservice industry. By integrating RFID technology into reusable food packaging, both companies aim to address the critical issue of single-use plastic waste in the foodservice sector.

Announcement of Partnership

The collaboration seeks to integrate RFID technology into reusable food packaging, addressing the critical issue of single-use plastic waste in the foodservice sector.

Both parties strategically position themselves to meet the increasing global demands for sustainable practices, aligning seamlessly with emerging legislations and ambitious sustainability goals.

By leveraging Reusables’ knowledge of the foodservice sector, the partnership ensures compliance with Section 204 of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), thereby elevating food safety standards and traceability within the industry.

Details of the RFID Technology Integration

The integration of RFID technology is poised to streamline operations, offering real-time visibility, precise inventory management, and automation in the foodservice sector. The partnership brings customizable RFID tagging solutions adaptable for various food containers such as food cups, bowls, and plates, ensuring durability and efficiency in diverse foodservice environments.

Impact on Foodservice Industry

By replacing single-use packaging with RFID-enabled reusable containers, this collaboration significantly reduces the environmental footprint of the foodservice industry. Beyond the economic benefits of curbing the cost of disposable packaging, it contributes profoundly to environmental conservation efforts.

Jason Hawkins, CEO of Reusables and co-founder: “This partnership with Xerafy represents a pivotal moment in our journey towards creating a more sustainable foodservice industry. Our combined expertise in technology and sustainability will set new benchmarks in operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.”

“Xerafy is thrilled to join forces with Reusables. Our shared vision for a sustainable future is now a step closer to reality, as we bring our innovative RFID technology to the forefront of the foodservice sector,” said Michel Gillmann, CMO of Xerafy.

About Xerafy –

Xerafy is a pioneer in Industrial RFID, bringing to market several innovations that provide efficient and sustainable solutions.

About Reusables –

Reusables.com is a leading provider of sustainable foodservice solutions committed to reshaping the industry’s environmental impact.

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