Working Solutions NYC is a team of top-rated employment attorneys based in New York City and New Jersey.

We are excited about both the aesthetics and the information of our new website.”

— Chris Q. Davis

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2023/ — Working Solutions NYC, a team of top-rated attorneys working on employment, severance, and unpaid wages and overtime law in New York and New Jersey at, is proud to announce a major update to its website. The new site has both a modern “look and feel” and key touchstone information helpful to persons in New York and New Jersey looking to learn more about employment law, including possibly retaining an attorney.

“We are excited about both the aesthetics and the information of our new website,” explained Chris Q. Davis, managing partner at the law firm. “Persons seeking for the best employment lawyers in New York City and New Jersey are urged to visit the website, and browse key information pages on severance and unpaid wages and overtime.”

Persons who want to learn more can not only visit the website. They can visit key information pages such as the page on severance law ( and the page on unpaid wages and overtime ( The former page provides an overview of the rights of employees and employers with regard to severance agreements in New York and New Jersey. The first page in severance issues, explains the legal definition of severance pay and the circumstances in which it may be offered. It also provides information on the various laws and regulations governing severance agreements in New York City, including the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act ( The page also outlines the key provisions that are commonly included in a severance agreement, such as the release of claims and confidentiality clauses.

The latter page, on unpaid wages and overtime, explains the concept of minimum wage, overtime pay, and the laws in place to protect workers. Employers must comply with these wage and hour laws or face legal action. Workers can file a complaint with the Department of Labor ( or state labor agency or file a lawsuit against their employer. The page is a comprehensive overview of laws and protections, encouraging workers to take action to receive compensation under the law. In both cases, interested persons are encouraged to visit the website and reach out for a consultation with an employment lawyer.


Working Solutions NYC is a law firm with offices in New York (New York City) and New Jersey that is committed to serving the possible needs of clients who are seeking an attorney. This includes but is not limited to claims of discrimination, retaliation, FMLA violations, wrongful termination, benefits & vacation pay, FLSA violations such as unpaid & overtime wages, severance agreements, and sexual harassment. For employers, the law firm handles issues such as litigation defense, handbook & contract drafting, compliance & HR advisory services, small business services, and startup services. Persons who may have employment law issues are encouraged to reach out to the law firm for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

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