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Tntra designs a document processing platform which achieves 80% to 85% accuracy in data extraction.

We can seamlessly manage all the documents, no matter how inconsistent they are. Thanks to Tntra, most of our process has been automated, and this keeps us in control of our freight operations.”

— Freight Forwarding Company

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2023/ — Tntra is focused on the means to the end, bringing everything committed individuals or teams need to deliver successfully on a global stage. Continuing this pursuit of committing excellence to clients, Tntra delivered a Machine Learning based Document Processing Platform to an Asian Freight Forwarding company.

Being a freight management company, the client was always in the middle of tracking and recording the status of every cargo and container as they traveled between ports and on various vessels. The freight company encountered significant difficulties while manually monitoring, validating, processing, and integrating freight documents into their ERP systems. To obtain the necessary information for their ERP system, they had to navigate each shipping provider’s website individually to track packages manually.

The erstwhile manual process required a larger team of 30 to 50 people. Then too, since the documents are inconsistent and in different formats, the data extraction process took a long time before it was available for the ERP system, causing inefficiency and delays in shipping. It also increased the chances of human error manifold.

As a result of holistic technical research, Tntra decided to develop a Machine Learning based automated Document Processing Platform. We trained the ML engine on search document extraction using Object Detection techniques. In addition to this, Tntra also used Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text processing.

Our machine learning-based software recognizes and extracts data from fields like invoice numbers. The client can utilize the platform to validate and deliver data to their database or ERP point. It benefits the freight company by offering effective file management, status tracking, and on-demand document access.They can also control every aspect of the files’ operations, including data verification and uploading.

With the help of technologies such as Python, Flask API, Ruby on Rails, Machine Learning, AWS services(Lambda, Sagemaker, S3), MongoDB, and more, Tntra achieved 80% to 85% accuracy in data extraction from the documents which differed in language, format, and style.

Delighted with the platform, the client said, “We can seamlessly manage all the documents, no matter how inconsistent they are. Thanks to Tntra, most of our process has been automated, and this keeps us in control of our freight operations.”

On partnering with the freight company, Parth Barot, CTO of Tntra says, “The Tntra team is inspired by the success of the platform and the experience from the project will help us to deploy similar tailored solutions in other domains such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real and more.”

Ultimately, Tntra created a significant business impact by helping the client reduce the need for manual intervention in data extraction. This helped to bring down the time needed to populate the ERP system hence leading to faster supply chain operations and decision-making. Also, the resources could now be deployed for other crucial operations than data extraction and entry. With this, Tntra delivered sustainable business impact for the client’s business operations.

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