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Rizon Pegasus 200 Construction Turnstile

Rizon Pegasus 200 Construction Turnstile

Rizon Pegasus Max Turnstile

Rizon Pegasus Max Turnstile

Rizon announces the launch of its latest product line – the Pegasus Portable Turnstile series. Made available to purchase through Avant-Garde.

The Rizon and Avant-Garde teams can assist our customers with security continuity from the exterior construction solutions all the way inside to the building’s interior security solutions.”

— Eric Mager

CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA, USA, March 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rizon, a leading innovator in secure access solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product line – the Pegasus Turnstile series, featuring the Pegasus 50, Pegasus 100, Pegasus 200, and Pegasus Max. These portable turnstiles are available to purchase through Rizon’s dealer network, including Avant-Garde. They are also available to rent through a partnership with Sunbelt Rentals. These pioneering products mark a significant leap forward in construction and event security.

Introducing the Pegasus Series

Rizon’s Pegasus product line is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern facilities, from construction sites to outdoor event venues. Each model in the series is tailored to offer specific features and benefits:

– Pegasus 50: Waist-high turnstile ideal for events with its counting feature. It does not have access control, but offers efficient security solutions without compromising on performance.

– Pegasus 100: A full height turnstile designed to offer the best entry point for construction site security. Uses the most field-tested turnstile platform available, the Alvarado MST. This turnstile can be installed easily and efficiently in worksites or event venues.

– Pegasus 200: The perfect balance of robustness and flexibility, a full height turnstile designed for construction sites needing security and access control. Powered by Alvarado.

– Pegasus Max: An optical turnstile suitable for the most demanding sites with high throughput.

– Pegasus Guard Booth: Designed with construction sites in mind, it offers an enhanced and convenient guard booth option for your needs. It is compact but filled with features both for comfort and security.

A Custom Solution for Construction Site Security

The construction industry faces unique challenges that demand specialized solutions. The Rizon Pegasus 200 is designed to meet these needs by offering enhanced security and access control, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the site. Powered by Alvarado technology, the most trusted name in full height turnstile technology, it automates the tracking of worker presence, streamlining payroll processes and increasing operational efficiency. Most importantly, it meets safety and compliance requirements including NYC’s Local Law 196, which mandates that construction workers are required to carry Site Safety Training (SST) cards to verify their compliance with training requirements.

While the Pegasus 200 draws on Alvarado’s proven full height turnstile platform, the Pegasus Max is an Optical Turnstile suited for outdoor use. Powered with Automatic Systems technology, it offers the benefits of enhanced security, access control, and compliance with Egress and ADA. Optical turnstiles can detect tailgating and piggybacking with instant notifications. The Pegasus Max allows for maximum throughput, with a capacity of more people per minute than any other technology. It is ideal for construction sites with personnel carrying tools, bags and equipment.

The creation of the Rizon Pegasus series is made possible through Avant-Garde’s extensive expertise and leadership in the turnstile industry. Acquiring a Rizon Pegasus turnstile through Avant-Garde unlocks the key features and services that set them apart. According to Eric Mager, CEO of Avant-Garde, “The Rizon and Avant-Garde teams can assist our customers with security continuity from the exterior construction solutions all the way inside to the building’s interior security solutions.” Recognized by the Fortune 500 for unmatched expertise in turnstile solutions, Avant-Garde is considered the go-to source for secure entry needs. With North America’s largest fleet of service trucks, Avant-Garde prides itself on offering rapid, on-demand service to ensure minimal downtime.

Bringing Innovation to Construction Site Security

Rizon’s Pegasus line represents an advancement in construction site security, offering cost-effective, portable, and highly efficient turnstile solutions where bulky, expensive alternatives once stood. The Pegasus series boasts unique designs that are currently patent pending. Rizon looks forward to participating in the enhancement of technology and services in the turnstile industry, ensuring that clients receive the best possible solutions for their security and access control needs.

About Rizon

Rizon is a custom fabrication company that specializes in entrance security. Rizon has a growing portfolio of turnstile products and is dedicated to providing custom solutions for every industry. From design to installation, Rizon provides a full service solution for any entrance system.

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