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Pluto7 Launches Google Cloud-Cortex-Enabled Demand ML Solution on Google Cloud Marketplace, Empowering Businesses with AI-Driven Demand Planning Insights

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2023/ — Pluto7, a leading provider of data analytics, AI, and machine learning solutions, today announced the launch of its cloud-cortex-enabled data platform solution – Demand ML, on Google Cloud Marketplace. The platform seamlessly integrates SAP data with external data sources, enabling businesses to gain a comprehensive view of operations and trends and make informed decisions using real-time insights.

Demand ML is a powerful data platform solution that connects and blends internal and external data across business systems, providing businesses with actionable insights that enable them to make informed decisions quickly. The solution’s innovative approach leverages first-party, second-party, and third-party data to offer a comprehensive view of operations and trends, enabling businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

Integrating first-party, second-party, and third-party data provides SAP users with granular insights into external factors affecting demand. The Demand ML solution empowers businesses to gain insights into consumer behavior, trends, demographics, and other external factors that may impact demand. The solution enables enterprises to improve their demand planning and inventory optimization capabilities by providing real-time demand sensing insights, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency.

“Businesses today face an ever-increasing amount of data from disparate sources. Our cloud-cortex-enabled data platform solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace and SAP Store provide a seamless solution for integrating SAP data with external data sources, enabling businesses to gain real-time insights into demand, sales, and marketing and make informed decisions quickly,” said Manju Devadas, CEO of Pluto7.

Pluto7’s data platform solutions are built on a cloud-based architecture, utilizing Google Cloud for data storage, processing, and analysis. The platform architecture enables seamless ingestion of SAP data from various sources, such as SAP ERP systems or SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), through SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and Event Mesh. The ingested data is then replicated in real-time to Google Cloud’s BigQuery for further processing.

The Google Cloud Cortex Framework provides canonical views that facilitate the categorization of data into various categories, such as planning, sales, and purchases. This categorization process enables Pluto7 to integrate and blend the data with external datasets seamlessly. By leveraging AI and ML models, Pluto7 is able to generate valuable insights that meet the unique demands of our customers.

“Many enterprises are seeking out solutions to enhance their digital transformation strategies,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “By making Pluto7’s Demand ML available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Pluto7 customers will now be able to quickly deploy technologies to quickly gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.”

External data sources, such as ad tech data, social media data, weather data, or market trends, are easily ingested through various channels and integrated with SAP data using canonical views.

“I am thrilled about how the Google Cloud Cortex Framework is revolutionizing the way we transform SAP data. With its plug-and-play functionality, we no longer need to spend time cleaning or organizing data. Instead, we can seamlessly ingest both SAP ERP data and external datasets on the Google Cloud Platform. With our pre-built machine learning models and flexible data platform solutions, businesses can quickly gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition.” – Kain Sosa, VP Global Sales and Channels, Pluto7.

The Demand ML solution is a ready-to-deploy solution that can be installed on the customer’s cloud instance within two hours. It is designed to provide actionable insights in as little as 14 days from deployment, allowing businesses to see results and make data-driven decisions quickly.

About Pluto7

Pluto7 is a leading provider of data analytics solutions, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with rapid actionable insights. With a focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Pluto7 provides businesses with an intelligent data platform that enables contextual, connected, and continuous decision-making. Pluto7 has received awards and recognition from Gartner, USC Marshall, and Google Cloud for its supply chain strategy and solutions capabilities. Some of their happy customers include AB InBev, Levi’s, Schlumberger, and TVS. For more information, visit and request a complimentary solution demo today.

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