AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT , INDIA, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Lincon Polymers Private Limited is the prominent manufacturer of PP Woven packaging bags in South Asia. The team has the capacity to produce 18 million bags per month and has years of expertise in offering industry-specific packaging solutions.

Lincon Polymers, a Gujarat-based Indian company, has been engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying packaging bags like PP Woven Fabrics, Bags (Unlaminated / Laminated ), BOPP Woven Laminated Bags, Pinch Bottom BOPP Bags, AD*Star Bags, Paper Poly, etc.

As a responsible corporation, Lincon Polymers is committed to a clean and green environment. In order to maintain that commitment, Lincon Polymers has taken proactive steps towards ensuring a sustainable future. As a result, let’s take a closer look at the steps Lincon Polymers takes and what makes the company a renowned leader in packaging.

About Lincon Polymers Private Limited – Delivering Package of Excellence

Lincon Polymers Private Limited was established on 04 March 1996 with a modest capacity of 500 metric tons per year in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was founded by Mr. BK Patel, Mr. Paresh Patel, and Mr. Bhavesh Patel, who firmly believe that the company’s achievement is a team effort. With that belief, In just 2 decades, Lincon Polymers has achieved significant milestones by building 2 High-Scale Factories with all modern machines and boasting an installed capacity of 22,000 metric tons annually.

Since Lincon Polymers is BRC, ISO 9001 and ISO 22,000 certified, they are committed to providing high-quality packaging materials. In addition to manufacturing and exporting Paper and Polypropylene packaging materials, Lincon Polymers’ team also caters to customers in more than 25 countries across the globe.

Lincon Polymers’ Expertise in Manufacturing & Supplying…

The Lincon Polymers team has expertise in offering a product range that is diversified and includes several types of packaging solutions, which has driven numerous industries forward.

Pinch Bottom BOPP Bag

The Lincon Polymers team specializes in manufacturing BOPP pinch bottom bags, utilizing only materials that are of the complete food grade and a Pinch Bottom Machine from Germany that is capable of producing 100 bags per minute.

BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bag

The Lincon Polymers team invested in the latest machinery for producing bags. From circular & back seams, single side or both sides laminated, and various closures (Easy-Open, Double Stitch, Ultrasonic Hemmed), Lincon Polymers got one covered. To meet the unique needs of customers, the team utilizes Tubing Machines from Austria and the latest 10 Rotogravure Printing Machines with AVT technology.

Paper Poly Bag

The Lincon Polymers team manufacture high-quality Paper/PP bags that are kind of Multi-wall paper bags but with excellent flexibility and additional strength. As well as it can address global warming positively by using less paper.

Block Bottom Open Mouth and Valve Bags

Using efficient AD*Star Machines from Austria, the Lincon Polymer Team meets the deadlines for bag production by producing 120 to 140 bags a minute. In addition to block bottom – open mouth and valve bags of various sizes and styles, the team delivers customer-centric bag packing solutions.

PP Woven Bag

At Lincon Polymers, the team is able to manufacture customized PP woven bags in different styles, prints with laminated/unlaminated or even print in up to 8 colours using the latest Flexographic Printing Machines.

PP Woven Fabric

Lincon Polymers has 217 looms with varying capabilities to manufacture customized fabrics to meet customer needs, such as circular or flat fabrics of various weaves and denier, white or colored, flat or crushed.

Behind the Scene – Manufacturing Unit of Lincon Polymers Private Limited:

Lincon Polymers is a well-constructed and richly state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread across an area of 400,000 sq ft with an installed capacity of 22,000 metric tons annually and houses best-in-class machinery for the manufacturing process.

At Lincon Polymers Pvt. Ltd., every bag goes through a rigorous screening process, Trained supervisors check every bag on a light table, and even bags go through a metal detector. Bags with minor defects are removed. The in-house quality control lab of Lincon Polymers is equipped with all the latest testing instruments, from tensile strength testing to COF testing.

These bags are packed wrinkle-free and dispatched to respective clients across the globe. This integrated in-house production unit is located at a distance of 20 km from Ahmedabad city and 300 km from Kandla Port. So the team provides timely shipment seamlessly.

Lincon Polymers’ Unwavering Commitment to Clean & Green Environment:

At Lincon Polymers, sustainability is a core value that they hold at their manufacturing facility. They feel proud of their unwavering commitment to renewable energy and responsible resource management. Hence, in order to keep the commitment, the following are some steps Lincon Polymers is taking for a more sustainable future.

Following Energy-efficient Practices

Lincon Polymers’ facility can generate 1.65 megawatts of electricity and 3.85 megawatts of power utilizing solar panels and wind turbines. By joining forces, they are able to produce 15 million units of electricity annually, which accounts for 70% of total energy consumption.

Installing In-house Water Recycling-Plant

A water recycling plant in-house at Lincon Polymers allows 100% of wastewater to be recycled and has a capacity of 80 KLD. Using recycled water reduces water consumption and waste generation by using it for various purposes within the facility.

Promoting Sustainability

As a testament to this vision, Lincon Polymers is unwaveringly committed to renewable energy and resource management. Below are some instances of how Lincon Polymers is committed to promoting sustainability.

– 1.65 Mega Watts Solar Power Generate

– 3.85 Mega Watts Wind Power Generate

– 15 Million Units of Renewable Power generated per Annum

– 70% Green Energy-efficient Saving

– 100% Water Recycles In-house

– 1800 MTPA recycling plant reprocesses in-house plastic waste

To Conclude –

In the past two decades, Lincon Polymers has maintained healthy relationships with clients from various industries, including fertilizers, chemicals, agricultural commodities, food, cement, and animal nutrition. Through continued team efforts, Lincon Polymers has become a renowned PP Woven Bag Manufacturer and supplier in the packaging industry, with strong brand recognition, industry leadership, and community involvement.

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