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10 smart ways to make the tooling budget go further.

Anticipating problems and equipping your teams, with hard-to-acquire products, is more important than ever. Having the right items “on-hand” eliminates time and problems – even better at a discount.”

— David Zagar, V.P. KBC Tools & Machinery

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, USA, July 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “The right tool in the right hands makes all the problems disappear,” says Paula Bass, President of KBC Tools & Machinery. Machinists, tool and die makers, millwrights, CNC operators, and everyone involved in M.R.O. know that more tools equals more solutions to the problems of the day. Whether it is a dull cutting tool, a shake, rattle, and roll of a machine, a broken part, or not enough lubrication, having the right tooling solutions makes everything go smoother. So, the one with the most tools wins in the daily struggle to keep North America working, producing, and manufacturing.

Here are 10 ways to make the tooling budget go further:

1. 25%-60% off of millions of dollars of tools. KBC bought too much. Excess inventory and clearance items at signifcant discounts may be found at KBC Tools & Machinery’s Excess Inventory section https://www.kbctools.com/products/search/InventoryClearance More tools for less.

2. Is it possible to use a different size tool to get the job started? KBC has so many odd sized drills, reamers, end mills, and more – all great tools at discounted prices – that means one can do what they need to do at a fraction of the price with a little flexibility: https://www.kbctools.ca/products/search/InventoryClearance

3. Buy in bulk – look for package quantity and quantity discounts on the products bought regularly. When buying in package quantities, the handy dandy packaging keeps tools together and protected. Here are a few to look out for: drills, taps, endmills, abrasives, fasteners, bandsaw blades, and more.

4. The sales flyer is packed with products on sale. New product introductions, special savings, free promo products with purchase.


5. 10% off tools with a new machine – 10% off of regularly priced tooling and accessories when a new machine is purchased from KBC – a great time to tool up and save. Ensuring at time of purchase that all the tools needed for setup and immediate use of the machine are on hand saves time and money – machinery mounts (no shake, rattle, or roll), cutting fluid, guards, and more.

6. Increase accuracy while decreasing machining mistakes with easy to install and afford igaging ez-view DRO plus digital scales – it’s possible to add a Digital Read Out to all of the machines in the industrial or home shop – from $49 US.

7. Get more done in a day with time saving solutions from KBC. For example: Octane Chip Guard t-slot covers for mills, and other t-slot tables. help save up to $5,600 per machine by slashing clean up and set up time, and eliminate the nightmare of t-slot grooves filling with metal chips and needing to be cleaned out. And as a bonus… they make the machines look great.

8. BRAND KBC are some of the fastest selling products in KBC’s line at considerable savings. Just like the generic no name crackers at the grocery store that taste like the more expensive national brand, and might even be made in the same factory, BRAND KBC products go the distance to get the job done while stretching the budget. Rely on BRAND KBC cutting tools, precision instruments, work holding, abrasives, and more.

9. Put all the apples in one basket. Provide KBC a complete list of yearly tooling purchases – yep, even the stuff from other suppliers, and KBC will work on sharpening the pencil, ensuring you the inventory and on time delivery. Let volume purchasing work at KBC.

10. Free shipping – ever since the pandemic shipping charges have been increasing, KBC offers free shipping for orders over $ 349 US or $ 449 Canadian and under 50 lbs. This results in big savings.

KBC Tools & Machinery has been providing the metalworking industry with the best tools at the best prices since 1965: cutting tools, indexable tooling, fluids, work holding, abrasives, measuring & inspection equipment, toolroom accessories, hand tools, shop supplies, power & air tools, and machinery. KBC is proud to be certified as a WBE company in Canada and a WBENC company in The USA. KBC is one of the leading metal cutting tool and machinery catalogue houses in North America with 3 locations complete with showroom in Canada: Mississauga, ON; Oldcastle, ON; and Delta, BC; and 4 locations in The U.S.A.: Sterling Heights, MI; Sterling Heights, MI Machinery Showroom; Elk Grove Village, IL; and Fullerton, CA; KBC Tools & Machinery – www.kbctools.com – All Metal…All The Time!

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