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Infinity Funeral Supply immortalizing memories combining technology with human touch to make memories last forever takes funeral industry in all new levels.

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2023 / — The funeral industry emerged in America around the 1800s, with the first funeral home starting in 1759 in Virginia. In 1882 the National Funeral Directors Association was formed and thus the death care industry was formally born. But over the years the nature of funeral and memorial services have evolved, introducing cremation and cremation urns to hold ashes as way of preserving the memories and mortal remains of the loved ones.

But with the advent of technology and the new age, the funeral aka memorial industry has expanded to capture memories not only in events of death but also to capture and preserve memorable lifetime events or moments through its various products and offers.

One of the companies that have been silently making waves with their forward thinking and product innovation and introductions in the industry is a Midwest based business Infinity Urns. InfinityUrns was founded in 2011 by Indian- American Iowa based entrepreneur Sushant ( Rony) Sengupta, who is an immigrant entrepreneur and brings cross cultural and new age innovation into the industry to create progressive advancements in serving the memorial industry.

Driven by passion and purpose the company within a decade is counted among the stalwarts of the memorial industry introducing several innovative products and service lines that has expanded to serve beyond the occasion of death. With a wide range of artwork and well crafted cremation urns, memorial jewelries, finger-print and photo engraved pendants or merchandise, this company has created a tidal wave of memorial offerings to any occasion and event between life to death and beyond. Not only are the products to human memorial services, but has also been extended to capturing memories of pets which make their offering more personalized and special for those who want to hold onto the memories.

Recently, the company was rebranded as Infinity Funeral Supply with an aim to cover the wide range of products, services and offering that includes memorial products to digital transformations and jewelry engravings of pictures and fingerprints adding the very personalized touch to memoirs and accessories. The company also introduces a wide range of funeral products and memorial accessories for both humans and pets making it a one-stop-shop for funeral directors and professionals to offer best services to the families.

In an industry that is channeled and controlled by high emotions due to the nature of events that drives it, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see products that help capture and immortalize memories for the loved ones.

Thanks to the forward thinking vision driven by passion and skills that young entrepreneurs like Sengupta is bringing to an age old industry such as the memorial industry, that people can now find affordable and easily accessible solutions to hold on to memories not only for their departed loved ones, but also create and capture moments and memories in their present that can serve as beautiful mementoes for children, spouses, best friends or any loved one by getting pictures, names, finger prints or even paw prints of fur babies to get engraved on pendants and jewelries that adds a touch of fashion and emotion to the jewelries.

With his vision, passion and dedication to introduce new age technology to create meaning and value based service in an industry that is so highly driven by emotion, Infinity Funeral Supply is here to make a lasting impact in the funeral – memorial industry in America, making it amply clear that small businesses are making big impacts both on humanity and the industry as a whole.

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