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We are honored to speak with FBI Veteran, Steve Cocco, today about his new Partnership with Cyber Armed Security”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2023/ — Steve, you’ve told us that you’ve developed a partnership with a cyber security company that’s doing great things. Tell us a little about your new partnership with a company in the UK. What services do Cyber Armed Security ( provide?

Steve Cocco: We are excited about our new partnership with Cyber Armed Security. This UK-based company is composed of a global team of ethical hackers with over 20 years of experience in cyber security. Its operatives come from ex-military, ex-intelligence, Interpol, and the British army. Their intelligence-gathering activities enable them to conduct cyber-based attacks and test the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of clients, which is not feasible without a robust intelligence element. The company merges cyber security and physical security by utilizing OSINT (open-source intelligence) and leveraging partnerships, such as with Security Strategies Today. For example, they conduct travel risk assessments, looking at OSINT on locations, as well as the risks to people, taking into account that different jurisdictions have different interception capabilities at the government level. The threat is therefore different according to the location. Their reports for clients compile everything from physical security risk all the way to cyber risk and vice versa. They offer penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, counter phishing solutions, and physical cyber security sweeps on premise.

It’s really an ideal partnership for us, as we both bring different but complimentary services to the client. I invite you to check out the link we’ve highlighted above. Interesting. What does Cyber Armed Security say about the cyber threat landscape and how it affects the security of a person or a business?

Steve Cocco: Cyber Armed Security has emphasized that the threat landscape can affect the dignity, privacy, safety, reputation, and finances of a person or a business. Technology is an extension of our human ability and an extension of our brain. For example, an average smartphone will contain a person’s memories and valuable data. It’s ultimately an extension of the person and it facilitates our daily interactions. If someone compromises your privacy, for example, by posting intimate photographs or by manipulating your personal data, that can cause your dignity, privacy, safety, reputation, and money to be at risk. With the right cyber security, every element of risk is taken into consideration, and different attack vectors are remediated to reduce the risk. Your company’s digital presence is a real-world concern, and we need to safeguard it as much as we would maintain our physical security. What do you see as the future of cybersecurity?

Steve Cocco: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in technology right now, and while it has the potential to be very helpful, it is also very dangerous. AI can plan and do things in a way that is beyond human imagination, and it is surprisingly accurate and potentially dangerous. For example, in the UK there is a proposal that would allow AI to be connected to private communications, which means there is essentially a live policeman that will be in our pockets. Initially, it would be employed for things like terrorism detection and prevention, but where does it stop? We all need to take cybersecurity seriously and be very concerned about how humans implement these controls. Steve, what is Cyber Armed Security identifying as dangerous trends in that we need to be mindful of?

Steve Cocco: Phishing is becoming more diversified and sophisticated. While the old-school way of social engineering does not work as well anymore, hackers are now using OSINT to conduct their attacks based on intelligence. For example, if there is a vacancy in a company, a hacker could find out who the HR director is via OSINT and mimic their email address, or they could exploit applications, such as, Slack and Microsoft Teams to social engineer employees from a point of authority. This is why people need to be more aware of these increased targeted attacks, as phishing can now occur in any social online interaction. Keyloggers are also on the rise, and physical intrusion devices, such as Lan turtles, can be easily planted in the back of a computer without anyone realizing.

Finally, the insider threat is a growing concern, as lower-paid but high-level employees with access to sensitive information can be easily bribed. To combat this, Cyber Armed Security has the full suite of cyber services and has established a new service called Cyber Sweep, that tackles physical security in relation to cyber. It uses specialized skills and equipment to detect embedded hardware, bugs, servers, and circuitry cabling, making it a service everyone should use to ensure their office is clear of malicious activity, while staying compliant and meeting the requirements of standards such as ISO 27001 physical access controls. Anything else, Steve, about this new partnership with Cyber Armed Security that you would like to highlight?

Steve Cocco: We understand that as technology and security threats evolve, it’s important to partner with a dynamic and capable cyber security business. Cyber Armed Security offer a unique blend of ethical hacking and intelligence services that complement our boots-on-the-ground security expertise. Our combined perspective allows us to provide comprehensive, up-to-date threat analysis and real-time intelligence that can even enhance travel risk assessments for VIPs through to the essential security of a small business.

Cyber Armed Security services clients world-wide and most of its work is accomplished through on-line and remote connection.

We encourage anyone interested in reviewing their cyber security posture to reach out to us. Let us show you how we can help protect your business from evolving security threats with our unique blend of expertise.


About Security Strategies Today is a private investigations firm offering services in English and Spanish to the private sector, NGOs and government agencies as well as to individuals and businesses. We focus on crisis management training, threat and vulnerability identification and assessment as well as training in active shooter and emergency management protocols for the workplace. Our consulting services include simulated scenarios and role playing geared toward maximizing client engagement and preparation. We offer comprehensive, high quality services and take pride in offering a tailored and affordable alternative in enhancing security and safety both at the workplace and during official or personal travel.

Security Strategies Today also offers comprehensive travel briefings and threat reporting, identifying potential security, health or political risks that could affect your personal or business travel overseas. Our written briefings are concise and time-sensitive and are a valuable tool, providing independent examination of risks. We include tips for cultural acclimation while overseas and a list of “do’s and don’ts” while in country.
Finally, in Arizona, we conduct private investigations into potential violations of criminal or civil law and offer litigation support and expert witness testimony in related proceedings.

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