Health and Safety Strategy Image Credit; Helix EHS

Health and Safety Strategy Helix EHS

Health and Safety Strategy Helix EHS

Helix EHS are supporting better health and safety strategies in the manufacturing sector by leveraging a range of digital solutions.

BELFAST, COUNTY ANTRIM, UNITED KINGDOM, January 3, 2024 / — Helix EHS is advancing health and safety strategies in the manufacturing sector through a range of digital solutions, which includes virtual reality walkthroughs, interactive digital kiosks, and the 3D Safety system, working towards establishing a new standard in workplace safety and efficiency.

Miceál O’Kane, Director of Helix EHS

“Our commitment to enhancing the health and safety strategy within the manufacturing industry is seen in the way that we design and develop our digital tools. Everything that we do is people-centric and we place a major focus on practical, user-friendly solutions that improve workplace safety and operational efficiency through technological innovation.”

About Helix EHS:

Helix EHS, a division of Team UIQ, leads the way in integrating advanced digital tools into everyday safety protocols, revolutionizing safety management in the manufacturing industry. Their suite of innovative digital technologies aims to streamline safety processes, boost employee engagement, and enhance overall workplace safety through advanced digital integration.

Virtual Site Inductions:

Helix EHS’s virtual site inductions offer an immersive experience, enabling employees and visitors to become familiar with the manufacturing environment’s layout and potential hazards in a safe, controlled virtual space. These interactive walkthroughs actively engage participants, allowing them to interact with the virtual environment, explore different scenarios, and receive real-time feedback, making the learning process effective and engaging.

Digital Kiosks:

Strategically positioned digital kiosks serve as interactive information hubs within the factory, providing easy access to critical safety information, procedures, and updates. They replace outdated incident reporting methods, offering immediate access to a comprehensive digital platform, providing managers with enhanced oversight and real-time insights into potential safety issues or impending machine failures. This modern approach streamlines the reporting process and enables management to respond swiftly and effectively to concerns, thereby maintaining a safer and more efficient workplace environment in manufacturing.

3D Safety:

3D Safety exemplifies Helix EHS’s commitment to innovative safety solutions. This tool creates detailed 3D models of equipment and machinery, facilitating more thorough and effective safety audits and checks. It delivers precision and understanding in safety inspections that were previously unattainable, resulting in improved compliance, maintenance, and hazard prevention.

For a demonstration of this software in action, click the following link.

The integration of these advanced technologies has significantly enhanced transparency and accountability in health and safety processes within the manufacturing workplace. This heightened level of clarity and responsibility ensures more rigorous adherence to safety standards, fostering a strong commitment to maintaining and continuously improving workplace safety protocols.

A Tailored Health and Safety Strategy:

Recognising that the transition to digital solutions can be challenging, Helix EHS offers bite-sized, incremental solutions to address specific challenges. They streamline common tasks and focus on pain points, ensuring a smooth digital transition and involving workers in the journey towards embracing new safety systems.

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