Dedalus Consulting, a leader in advanced market research for high-technology sectors, has announced the expansion of its comprehensive online database.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 3, 2024 / — Dedalus Consulting, a leader in advanced market research for high-technology sectors, announces the expansion of its comprehensive online database, Ulysses Data Subscription Service (Ulysses DSS). This expansion of coverage by product type includes dedicated analysis of solid round tools, country & end-user industry specific dashboards, and much more. These expansions are specifically designed to serve stakeholders in the cutting tools and machinery industry, providing unparalleled insights and data analytics capabilities.

Dedalus Consulting specializes in delivering meticulously researched, up-to-date market analysis across a spectrum of high-tech industries.

The new layer within Ulysses sets a benchmark for market research data in the cutting tools and machinery sector. With millions of data points per product group, it not only ensures that users have access to the most current market data but also offers in-depth trend analysis through extended historical and forecast periods.

The cutting tools and machinery industry is characterized by rapid technological advancements and diverse market dynamics. Recognizing these challenges, Ulysses is designed to demystify market complexities, offering clear, concise data analytics and trend analysis. This allows manufacturers, investors, and researchers to pinpoint opportunities, strategize with confidence, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Key Features of Ulysses’ New Enhancement Include:

* Access to millions of data points across various product groups within the cutting tools and machinery industry.

* Up-to-date, market-driven data that reflects current trends and developments.

* Extended historical and forecast periods for long-term trend analysis and strategic planning.

* A user-friendly interface that simplifies data navigation and analysis, enabling users to extract valuable insights effortlessly.

Availability of the new feature in Ulysses underscores Dedalus Consulting’s continued dedication to innovation and its role as a catalyst for growth within the cutting tools and machinery industry.

Clients can expect to leverage this enhanced tool to unlock new dimensions of market understanding, reinforcing their strategic positioning and operational decision-making processes.

More Information & How to Order

For more information about this service, please:

* learn more about our Ulysses Data Subscription Service (USS), which covers the market through 2040;

* send us a Research Enquiry;

* email us at [email protected]; or

* call us at (212) 709-8352.


About Dedalus Consulting

Dedalus Consulting is a privately owned and independently operated market research publisher and consultancy.

Our research focuses on both emerging and mature markets in high-technology sectors, including tooling and machining, advanced materials, frequency control and timing, surge and circuit protection, energy and renewables, life sciences, and next generation computing. Research is continually updated through a methodology that is based on primary interviews with market participants, including manufacturers, end-users, research institutions, distribution channel representatives and service providers.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to private equity and investment banking institutions to academic research organizations engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced technology products and services.

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