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The breakthrough is based upon algorithms to determine what, if any, residual effect specific applications have on outdoor and indoor living and working spaces.

We invest in your health and the environment around you.”

— Keith Louis De Santo

TAMPA BAY, FL, USA, May 1, 2023/ — De3 Inc. increases portfolio with both detection and elimination of machine learning applications with new methods for collecting microbes using drones and robots and eliminating environmental hazards with new biosurfactant technology.

This new patent filing utilizes real-time detection and predictive algorithms. The hardware and software technology is based on predictive machine learning platforms that automate and learn processes to compare before and after collected samples on environmental contaminates using exact mixtures of biosurfactants and additives. The breakthrough is based upon algorithms that determine what, if any residual effect specific applications have on outdoor and indoor living and working spaces.

The algorithms are not influenced by political, financial, or personal gain. These algorithms are trained to tell the truth regarding environmental conditions. The possibility for predicting catastrophic environmental events just got closer.

Rhamnolipid biosurfactants applications are registered with both the Federal EPA and the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The patent family of portfolios are pending with the USPTO and WIPO.

The new artificial intelligence technology utilizes drones and robots to collect samples from water sources, the air and on surfaces and deposit those collected samples into receptacles connected to liquid tubes for evaluation, which are all controlled by machine learning platforms. The liquid tubes utilize magnifying lenses with lighting ribbons that illuminate the interior of the tube whereby AI controlled pumps move matter over the surface of micro-slides embedded in the tube to detect pathogens and environmental hazards.

This AI breakthrough technology with 24/7 drone and robot monitoring can lead to forming predictive models of both man-made and natural environmental events.

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Liquid Tube Apparatus and Method Overview

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