Leaders in Supply Chain Awards 2023 by Alcott Global

Recognizing 2023 Supply Chain Industry Trailblazers

The Leaders in Supply Chain Awards recognizes and celebrates these inspiring leaders who ignite teams, leverage digital technologies, innovate sustainably, and exhibit exceptional leadership.”

— Radu Palamariu, Managing Director, Alcott Global

SINGAPORE, September 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Alcott Global proudly commends excellence in the global Supply Chain sector as we mark the second edition of the Leaders in Supply Chain Gala Awards. This prestigious event spans over 5 months from the nominations until the virtual awards ceremony and brings together supply chain executives from all over the world.

Through this initiative, we recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of global supply chain leaders and their pivotal roles in digitizing operations, advancing decarbonization and sustainability, and fostering diverse and equitable environments within supply chain teams.

Surpassing the 2022 edition, this year we received nominations for 228 exceptional Supply Chain Leaders, representing 206 distinguished companies. Among these nominations, 45% originated from North America, and 35% from Europe, while the remaining 20% hailed from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

The Top 30 Supply Chain Leaders ranking was determined by a rigorous evaluation process. The jury members reviewed case studies submitted by the nominees, and their evaluations contributed to 75% of the total score. The remaining 25% of the score was determined by votes from over 2000 executives who were invited to vote for leaders whose projects are known to them. The winners are leaders who drive positive changes in the supply chain industry beyond their teams and companies. This approach ensures impartiality in the evaluation process.

Submissions were thoroughly scrutinized, focusing on how the nominee had demonstrated leadership in achieving a more diverse and engaged workforce, tangible advancements through digital technologies, and notable strides in sustainability innovation. The evaluation encompassed a comprehensive assessment of end-to-end supply chain experiences, whether on a global or continental scale, within businesses boasting revenues of at least half a billion dollars. Additionally, the nominee’s influence on their company’s revenue growth during their tenure and commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact were integral considerations.

Moreover, in a novel initiative this year, all Top 30 Leaders will delve deeper into their accomplishments by presenting detailed case studies focused on specific projects. This endeavor aims to provide invaluable insights to the broader supply chain community, fostering inspiration and catalyzing further innovations within their field.

“The supply chain industry thrives on incredible success stories from individuals and teams driving global operations. The Leaders in Supply Chain Awards recognizes and celebrates these inspiring leaders who ignite teams, leverage digital technologies, innovate sustainably, exhibit exceptional leadership, and achieve business excellence”, says Radu Palamariu, Managing Director at Alcott Global. “I’m heartened to see numerous familiar names making a difference, and I’m excited to learn and share more about their contributions, through the case studies that will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.”

Distinguished jury members, and authorities in the industry representing diverse regions across the globe, included:
Beth Morgan, Founder & CEO of boom!
Deborah Dull, VP, Global Supply Chain Sustainability Leader, Genpact
Sheri Hinish, Principal, Global Sustainability Innovation and Ecosystem Leader, EY
Radu Palamariu, Managing Director Asia Pacific & Europe at Alcott Global

It brings us immense pleasure to reveal the Top 5 Leaders in Supply Chain for 2023:
#1: Mourad Tamoud, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Schneider Electric
#2: Harald Emberger, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Beiersdorf
#3: Bala Sreenivasan, Senior Vice President, Global Supply and Value Chain Management, MSD
#4: Jane Burkitt, VP Supply Chain EMEA, LEGO
#5: Lynn Torrel, Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer, Flex

The awards presented to the leading Top 5 individuals in the field of Supply Chain are unique masterpieces skillfully designed by the Romanian artist Ovidiu Toader. These awards serve as representations of our interconnected supply chain world.

Insights from our esteemed Jury members:

“It’s been an honor and a privilege for me to be part of this year’s jury and to read through all the case study submissions. Last year’s winners set the bar high, so judging this year was never going to be easy. But when it comes to excellence, the real leaders stand out. They deliver innovation and transformation, at the same time as being sustainable and consistent in execution. I would like to congratulate everyone in this year’s Top 30 and to the nominees overall – I’m thrilled your achievements are being celebrated today – you are inspirational role models to us all and especially for leaders of the future.” – Beth Morgan, Founder & CEO of boom!

“Leaders in Supply Chain Award 2023 set up a new standard for supply chain leaders worldwide. Reading this year’s case studies made me very optimistic about this field. Thank you all for agreeing to share more about these accomplishments, so our community can continue to accelerate the good work we are all doing. Big congratulations to this year’s winners, you are pioneers for our field.” – Deborah Dull, VP, Global Supply Chain Sustainability Leader, Genpact

“It was an honor to be a member of the jury for this year’s Leaders in Supply Chain awards. Reading through the submissions and use cases was inspiring, and highlights the great work being done each day by supply chain heroes. I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the winners celebrating their leadership and progress across sustainability, digital, and diversity + inclusion.” – Sheri Hinish, Principal, Global Sustainability Innovation and Ecosystem Leader, EY

For the complete list of Top 30 Leaders in Supply Chain 2023, and more information about the yearly Leaders in Supply Chain Awards, please visit the official website: https://gala.makersmovers.com/.

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Leaders in Supply Chain Awards 2023

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