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Sciony Enterprise - Your white label, turnkey innovation ecosystem platform

Sciony Enterprise – Your white label turnkey innovation ecosystem platform

Sciony - Democratising Innovation

Sciony – Democratising Innovation

Unlocking University Potential: Sciony Launches The Entrepreneurial University, A Brand-New Digital Solution Fostering University Entrepreneurship

LONDON, CITY OF LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 12, 2023 / — SCIONY®, the first of its kind global “idea-commercialisation-and-innovation-ecosystem” tech solution company announced today the launch of their “Entrepreneurial University” turnkey solution. Sciony’s technology aims to help universities nurture entrepreneurship, connect their innovation ecosystem and enable effective development of start-ups and spin-outs.

In a groundbreaking move, Sciony announces the launch of its “Entrepreneurial University” solution, aiming to revolutionise how universities navigate the challenges of fostering an entrepreneurial culture. This cutting-edge, straightforward solution offers a broad range of benefits to higher education institutions, serving as a catalyst for entrepreneurship, innovation and growth.

With Sciony’s white label solution “Sciony Enterprise”, universities gain a structured approach to transform their mission statements into tangible entrepreneurial results by translating entrepreneurship theory into pragmatic, actionable practice, making entrepreneurial culture thrive. Sciony empowers universities by providing a self-service online platform to connect the university’s ecosystem of innovative students and researchers with expert guidance, industry and funding resources. This strengthens an institution’s capacity for entrepreneurship, driving strategic objectives.

“Sciony’s Enterprise solution fosters a dynamic practicing environment, exposing students and staff to real-world entrepreneurial challenges. It cultivates entrepreneurial mindsets and equips individuals with practical guidance and skills to thrive in the entrepreneurial landscape”, says Georg Roth, founder and director of Sciony. He adds “Sciony guides individuals with a novel solution or business idea through the entrepreneurial journey, from intellectual property protection to business-modeling, drafting best-practice business plans and addressing relevant questions of starting a business. Leveraging the university’s internal and external network of expertise, industrial stakeholders and investors, Sciony’s platform seamlessly integrates students’ and university employees’ ideas within the university’s broader business support ecosystem. Leveraging digital technologies, Sciony optimises and transforms the entrepreneurial journey within universities fostering pragmatism and efficiency in innovation.”

“Putting theory into practice is a catalyst for organisational innovation, translating teaching, and research into action. Sciony facilitates the application of knowledge for societal benefit, reinforcing the university’s value to society and its economical development”, says Georg Roth. “Sciony encourages universities to think globally. It introduces an international dimension to education, research, and knowledge exchange, driving external collaboration and innovation. Our “Entrepreneurial University” solution is the simple and straightforward tool guiding universities towards a future where entrepreneurship thrives, innovation flourishes, and societal impact becomes the norm”. Sciony’s Director affirms, “We at Sciony are dedicated to democratising innovation by making it accessible to everyone. Our expanding user base of innovators underscores our ability to transform idea and IP commercialisation while shielding inventors’ intellectual property. Sciony’s features revolutionise start-up support, connecting inventive ideas, funding, and expertise. This technology empowers all, newcomers and professionals alike, to revolutionise collaboration, and fast-tracking idea-to-market journeys while protecting intellectual property and fostering local and global innovation”.

For universities seeking to foster entrepreneurship and drive innovation, Sciony’s innovative solution is the key to unlocking their full potential.


Sciony Ltd. runs a global online innovation ecosystem open for entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporations, universities, innovation hubs, incubators, and accelerators as well as investors and experts supporting the innovation lifecycle. Sciony provides its members easy-to-use tools and expertise, which guide entrepreneurs and innovators to effectively commercialise ideas, innovations, and IP without any geographical, maturity or time restrictions. Unlike traditional open innovation platforms, Sciony takes a novel approach by combining global exposure with rigorous IP protection, ensuring that innovators’ ideas are properly showcased while remaining shielded. It provides comparable information to interested parties helping innovators present and connect their ideas, inventions and solutions with the right corporates, investors, and partners. Moreover, leveraging Sciony’s functionalities, corporations and investors can source locally and internationally well documented propositions effectively, supporting start-up growth and innovation.

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