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Tan Delta Systems, the leading global manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors & systems, launches its global industrial lubrication solution.

We are already working with some of the world’s most respected OEMs as well as VARs and end users. We are now in the process of launching our new OEM and VAR loyalty discount programmes.”

— Chris Greenwood, CEO, Tan Delta Systems PLC

SHEFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, UK, April 11, 2024 / — Tan Delta Systems, the leading global manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems, launches its global solution for industrial lubrication markets. Tan Delta sensor technology has proven to save a plethora of global industrial sectors and applications between 30% and 50% on oil usage. Our SENSE technology predicts oil-related machine failures before they happen, reduces costly unplanned maintenance, and helps customers reach their ESG and CSR targets.

To prolong the operating life of your industrial engines and hydraulic systems, regular inspections and maintenance are essential. Unlike other oil condition sensors, Tan Delta technology provides Full Spectrum Holistic (FSH) monitoring. FSH monitoring ensures that any change in oil quality is instantly detected, accurately measured and reported. Installing Tan Delta real-time sensors will help to prevent the removal of hydraulic systems for a full inspection and a possible overhaul, minimising downtime and breaks in shift work or production lines. Furthermore it will give such accurate data on the oil condition of your main engines, that you can predict problems in advance and plan maintenance accordingly. This is true whether you are operating mining trucks, dozers, locomotives, marine engines or gensets – any engines, hydraulics or compressors where oil is used to lubricate.

Tan Delta’s unique Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation (DMO) technology, gives you maintenance peace of mind. Operating on a handy traffic light system, it lets you know whether your equipment is running optimally, is coming due for an oil change, or needs urgent attention. “We are already working with some of the world’s most respected OEMs as well as VARs and end users. We are now in the process of launching our new OEM and VAR loyalty discount programmes, and look forward to receiving enquiries from the industrial lubrication community. We are particularly interested in hearing from OEMs or any operators in this sector with a strong existing commercial footprint, looking to add value with our globally proven technology,” said Chris Greenwood, CEO of Tan Delta Systems PLC.

The Tan Delta Number (TDN) scale provides a simple, clear and accurate statement of real time oil condition. The TDN has been designed to give a very good level of accuracy and to create a common language for describing overall oil wear and oil condition, which can also be combined with other methods such as ISO cleanliness levels and laboratory test results. The full scale goes from 1200 to 0, with the value decreasing as oil quality degrades.

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Cut oil consumption and maintenance costs by up to 30%

Tan Delta’s transportation monitoring system helps you to cut oil consumption and maintenance costs by 30% or more. Both planned and, particularly, unplanned downtime represent significant operating costs to a transportation provider and early detection of potential equipment issues is vital for a mobile asset.

Case Study


A European passenger rail company with 100s of diesel locos operating on more than 30,000kms of track.


Usable oil is disposed of, and the fleet sees excessive downtime due to the rigid time-based maintenance schedule. The operator needs to minimise maintenance costs whilst maintaining and even increasing reliability.


Each asset has been easily retrofitted with a Tan Delta SENSE-2 kit. SENSE-2 continually analyses and tracks actual equipment and oil condition, accurately informing the maintenance team when to undertake maintenance based on actual equipment need instead of operating arbitrary schedules.


Changing to a condition-based maintenance schedule using Tan Delta has enabled the service interval to be increased from 400hrs to 539 hours, resulting in a 26% reduction in maintenance costs and oil consumption. Service disruptions can be minimised as the Tan Delta system will detect any equipment anomalies or contamination before damage, enabling preventative maintenance.

The bedrock of Tan Delta’s offering for precision lubrication applications is the SENSE-2 KIT.

The SENSE-2 KIT offers real-time oil analysis and can be easily retrofitted to any live operating equipment, providing continuous real-time oil analysis and equipment maintenance status insight.

• SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Plug and Play kit.

• ANY OIL TYPE AND ANY EQUIPMENT – Simple retrofit option.

• PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE – Accurately predict when equipment needs maintenance.

• EVENT ALERTS – Immediate detection and alert.

• REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS – Based on need, not time.

• REDUCE DOWNTIME – Optimise equipment availability.

• CARBON FOOTPRINT – Achieve ESG targets by safely maximise oil life.

In addition, Tan Delta’s MOT KIT enables remote oil condition testing anywhere in the field – no matter how remote – without an internet connection.

INSTANT OIL CONDITION ANALYSIS – Anywhere, anytime, any oil.

CONFIGURABLE TO ANY OIL TYPE – Mineral and synthetic.

TRACK AND TREND – Easily keep track of samples from different assets.

SIMPLE & RELIABLE – Portable and easy to use in any field or workshop environment.

DETECT ISSUES – Instantly detect unexpected equipment and oil issues.

MINIMISE CARBON FOOTPRINT – Achieve ESG targets by safely maximising oil life.

Easily analyse any oil from any equipment in seconds with the portable MOT kit, enabling maintenance crews to make fact- based decision-making. Instantly and scientifically determine exactly how worn oil is, how long until it needs to be changed or refreshed, how long until equipment maintenance is needed, and be alerted to unseen internal issues with equipment which could lead to an unexpected costly breakdown needing attention.

The Mot Kit is simple and easy to use with no training required. It prevents the wasting of good oil and ensures equipment is maintained when needed. This typically enables around a 30-50% reduction in oil use and maintenance – resulting in significant cost savings in most applications.

The MOT kit is built around the OQSx-G2 real time oil condition analysis sensor, which analyses oil at a molecular level to determine its exact condition. Results are displayed using the MOT results application which runs on any Windows based laptop or PC. Everything is included within a single portable Peli case, designed for continuous use in rough industrial and commercial environments.

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