Cutting-edge technology meets sustainable development in a groundbreaking collaboration.

BENGALURU, INDIA, August 31, 2023/ — FARMONAUT, a pioneering agritech company renowned for its revolutionary technology-driven solutions, has joined forces with RADER, a Cameroonian sustainable development solutions provider. This collaboration is set to reshape the agricultural landscape in Central Africa and Nigeria, ushering in a new era of data-driven, climate-smart agro-pastoral production.

With a presence in 11 countries, FARMONAUT has already empowered over 160,000 farmers and monitored more than 10 million hectares of farmland. Through its suite of offerings – including crop health monitoring, precision farming, and carbon footprint estimation – FARMONAUT equips farmers with vital insights to optimize productivity while fostering sustainable practices.

RADER’s Africa Green Impact (AGI) Program aligns perfectly with FARMONAUT’s mission, aiming to enhance productivity, carbon sequestration, and food security. This collaboration bridges technological innovation with regenerative practices, presenting a holistic solution for agricultural challenges.

FARMONAUT Technology Offerings


* Crop Health Monitoring System: FARMONAUT’s Android, iOS, and web platforms provide real-time insights into crop health, vegetation stress, irrigation issues, and more, enabling proactive decision-making to ensure optimal yields.

* Crop Area and Yield Estimation: By leveraging advanced technology and multi-spectrum data, FARMONAUT accurately estimates crop area and yield, empowering farmers to optimize resource allocation.

* Plantation Management System: FARMONAUT’s solutions facilitate tree age estimation, tree counting, and uprooting analysis, promoting efficient and sustainable plantation management.

* Carbon Footprint Estimation: FARMONAUT assists farmers in estimating carbon sequestration and generating carbon credits, actively contributing to climate change mitigation.

RADER’s Vision for Climate-Resilient Agriculture


Central Africa, blessed with the planet’s second-largest oxygen reserve, has a vital role to play in climate change mitigation. The partnership between FARMONAUT and RADER envisions data-driven strategies to harness this potential, promoting carbon sequestration, climate-smart practices, and ecosystem restoration. Moreover, the partnership’s focus on Nigeria seeks to enhance agro-pastoral production through traceability and interactions, thereby reducing food insecurity risks.

Goals of the Partnership


The collaboration between FARMONAUT and RADER is poised to achieve the following objectives:

– Enhance productivity and traceability in agro-pastoral value chains through technology integration.

– Contribute to carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation by promoting sustainable practices.

– Foster food security by enabling climate-smart and regenerative agro-pastoral production.

– Facilitate digitization within the AGI program through the REMUDEV support program.

– Strengthen the Congo Basin’s role as a crucial global carbon sink.

Milestones and Implementation


The partnership’s roadmap includes two phases for implementation:

– Phase 1 (Initial 6 months)

Activities during this phase include the selection and training of RADER & GLOBTOURNET franchisees, mapping farmers through geo-tagging or shape/kml files, data collection, capacity-building training, and traceability solution implementation.

– Phase 2 (After 6 months)

The second phase involves completing data collection, further capacity-building, acquiring high-resolution satellite imagery, and validation from carbon sequestration agencies. The data collected will also support tasks like carbon tracking, practice documentation, and validation for carbon credit issuance.

Initial Geo-Tagging Process on Pilot Locations


Starting on September 1, 2023, FARMONAUT’s applications will be utilized to monitor 20 crops across 1000 hectares in Central Africa. The crops span a range of varieties, from rice and corn to cocoa and avocado.

Weather Index Insurance: Protecting Farmers and Cattle Breeders


RADER’s partnership with J.B. Boda Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd ensures Weather Index Insurance coverage for farmers and cattle breeders. This protection shields them from climate-related risks, enhancing their access to financing and boosting their confidence in climate-smart practices.

A New Chapter for Agriculture


The FARMONAUT-RADER partnership marks a milestone in sustainable agriculture. By combining technological innovation with climate resilience, these two visionary companies are championing a new chapter for Central Africa and Nigeria. The convergence of data-driven insights, regenerative practices, and climate-smart solutions promises to reshape the agricultural sector for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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