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W Residence in Sao Paolo

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Life-changing product for long-term recording”

— Fernando, the Photographer for W Residence

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, April 25, 2024 / — Brinno, a leading provider of time lapse cameras, recently introduced a new solar power kit ASP1000-P compatible with their flagship construction time lapse camera bundle BCC2000 Plus. This addition to their product lineup further enhances the versatility and sustainability of Brinno’s time lapse technology, allowing photographers to capture long-term projects with less effort and minimal environmental impact.

The ASP1000-P solar power kit includes a 10W monocrystalline silicon solar panel with high conversion efficiency along with the Brinno Rechargeable Battery kit. Together, the gadgets support a continuous power supply for the time lapse camera through direct sunlight.

This particular bundle is dedicated to documenting the process of a large-scale construction from start to finish. This was precisely the challenge set to Fernando Brisolla of FB Images by his client for the construction of a new landmark in a central neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil. This challenging project embarked on capturing the entire construction of the W Residence, a subsidiary brand of Marriott Bonvoy.

Up until this point Brisolla, a local photographer specializing in construction sites, was mainly accustomed to using drones to record aerial footage as well as footage of the internal construction. Having never worked with time lapse before he almost decided to cancel the project, however after undergoing research he eventually found the “life saver” that is Brinno.

With Brinno’s technology, he has been able to upgrade his craft and provide a much more comprehensive documentation of the construction process to his clients. Being able to offer this additional service is doing wonders for his business, and he believes Brinno really is a “life-changing product for long-term recording”.

Upon learning about the newly introduced solar power kit, Fernando promptly voiced his enthusiasm for integrating it into his latest project. While changing batteries on a monthly basis is already manageable, Fernando recognized the potential of the ASP1000-P to simplify the process even further. This is particularly advantageous for locations with limited viable camera placement options, where uninterrupted power is essential for capturing seamless time lapse footage.

The ASP1000-P features a solar panel to convert sunlight into infinite energy and a Brinno Rechargeable Battery kit equipped with a 13,800 mAh/ 49.6 Wh rechargeable battery pack. It is specifically designed to be compatible with the Brinno time lapse camera bundles and perfectly fits the original power housing. The introduction of the ASP1000-P solar power kit underscores Brinno’s unwavering commitment to advancing time lapse photography technology. Moreover, it reflects Brinno’s dedication to environmentalism by offering a sustainable solution that contributes to the creation of a greener society.

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W Residence at Sao Paulo with Brinno time lapse

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