Empowered by iEdge 4.0 OS and BYOD WxS platform, the ultrasonic sensors provide flexible solutions for, parking management, river level, oil level in tank

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Polysense Introduces iEdge 4.0 Based New Smart Ultrasonic Sensors

Empowered by its iEdge 4.0 OS modular and configurable BYOD WxS platform, the ultrasonic sensors provide flexible options for various use scenarios in smart cities, parking lot management, river level, oil or water level in tank

Santa Clara, Calif., May 18, 2023 — Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense), a leading provider of LPWA industrial IoT solutions, today announced the launch of its new iEdge 4.0 based smart ultrasonic sensors. These sensors are designed to provide a wide range of monitoring capabilities, including distance, waste overflow, and externally attached ultrasonic oil consumption monitoring, supported and provided by various data report transmission technologies of LoRaWan(WxS8800) , NB-IoT(WxS9800/9900), WiFi(WxS7800), LTE Cat1(WxSC800) and LTE Cat M(WxSD800) .

The new iEdge 4.0 based smart ultrasonic sensors are designed to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for industrial applications. The sensors include a product portfolio for different use scenarios. PSS-363011~363018 are designed to detect distance from 0-0.5m, 0-1.5m, 0-2.5m and 0-3.5 meters range with very small blind spot of 1cm, which can be powered with wide range of power from 3.3v to 12VDC. PSS-363021~363022 are designed to monitor distance from 0.28~7.5 meters with battery power of 3.3V-5VDC and 5-12V options. The PSS-363041~343042 are used to monitor the waste overflow with range of 0.25~2 meters which can be powered by 3.3VDC with battery. PSS-353051~353052 are designed to monitor oil in tank or water where Vessel wall thickness is about 0.6-5mm.

“We are excited to introduce our new iEdge 4.0 based smart ultrasonic sensors,” said Alex Wu, President and CEO of Polysense Technologies. “These sensors provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for industrial applications, and are designed to help our customers improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs.”

The iEdge 4.0 based smart ultrasonic sensors are designed to be easy to install and use. The sensors feature a simple plug-and-play installation process, and can be connected to a variety of IoT systems. The sensors are also equipped with a variety of communication protocols, including Wi-Fi,LoRaWan, NB-IoT, LTE Cat1 and CatM/eMTC, for the global customers over the world.

The sensors are also designed to be highly reliable and durable. The sensors are rated for IP67 waterproofing, and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The sensors also feature a long battery life, with up to 10 years of battery life depending on usage.

The iEdge 4.0 based smart ultrasonic sensors are designed to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for industrial applications. The sensors can be used for a variety of applications, including waste overflow monitoring, oil consumption monitoring, and distance monitoring. The sensors can also be used with Polysense PSS sensors to combine complex functional product with BYOD features for industrial environment.
Polysense ultrasonic sensors cluster including the following product items:
– PSS-363011 Ultrasonic Sensor(Range:0-0.5 Meters, 1cm Blind Spot) 3.3-12VDC
– PSS-363012 Ultrasonic Sensor(Range:0-1.5 Meters, 1cm Blind Spot) 3.3-12VDC
– PSS-363013 Ultrasonic Sensor(Range:0-2.5 Meters, 1cm Blind Spot) 3.3-12VDC
– PSS-363014 Ultrasonic Sensor(Range:0-3.5 Meters, 1cm Blind Spot) 3.3-12VDC
– PSS-363021 Ultrasonic Sensor(Range: 0.28-7.5 Meters) 3.3-5VDC
– PSS-363031 Ultrasonic Sensor(Range: 0.28-4.5 Meters) 3.3-5VDC
– PSS-363041 Waste overflow monitoring Ultrasonic Sensor (Range: 0.25-2 M) 3.3VDC
– PSS-363051 Externally attached ultrasonic oil consumption Sensor(Range: 0.05-1 M) Vessel wall thickness 0.6-5mm,12VDC

These ultrtasonic sensors can be use with Polysense IoT terminal, for example LoRaWan WxS8800 to form WxS8800-363011 which is the LoRa Ultrasonic sensors.

“Using Ultrasonic sensors to manage the parking lot in the office building is one of our important business, and the product flexibility is the key product features we are considering when choose our partners”, said Nicolas Williams, CEO of Smart Parking Systems, “Polysense Ultrasonic solutions perfectly meet our project requirements, using one set WxS8800 to connect 3 ultrasonic sensors, where the corresponding Red/Green LED light controlled by WxS8800 can easily indicate the parking is used or not.”

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About Polysense
Founded in 2013 and Located in Santa Clara, California, Polysense starts the business from EPON/GPON focused edge products in data telecommunications industry, and expands the value proposition to data sensing focused IoT industry after we realized the next stop of Information Technologies development will be ubiquitous sensing for the upcoming smart digital things world. With the business philosophy of “sensing and connecting the world” in mind, the company is committed to providing the end-to-end integrated solutions of “universal sensing and communication” for the Internet of Things market. Empowered by iEdge 4.0 virtual micro kernel IoT Things OS and the cutting-edge configurable and modular open architecture, Polysense provides BYOD (Build-Your-Own-Devices) capabilities and services of white label, rebrand, OEM and ODM to simplify the sensing complexity and reduce the sensing cost in the real things world.
Polysense IoT products include decoupled various chemical and physical sensors and communications of LoRaWan, WiFi, NB-IoT, Cellular LTE Cat1 and Cat M, which will be expanded to next planned area. Private communication and protocol technologies are easier to be expanded and grafted so that various IoT terminal products are available for those such as satellite communications.
With the global customers and partners over 150 countries, we will continuously contribute to the digital transformation of business, work, life and study of human beings. let’s sensing and connecting the digital world together with the BYOD services of Polysense Technologies!
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