Capture the excitement of the White Tail Deer Rut

The most comprehensive look at the White Tail Deer Rut incorporates video footage from across the continent, showing hunters the progression of the Rut and suggesting the best times to be in the woods”

— Bill Brod – Publisher

CAZENOVIA, NY, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/ — North American Deer Hunter announces 2023 Rut Report
15-week video program that profiles the White Tail Deer Rut in North America

North American Deer Hunter announces the first episode of the Rut Report, a 12-episode video profile that chronicles all the stages of the White Tail rut over the next 3 months. Now begins the time all white tail buck hunters dream about when deer movement and deer feeding times occupy our thoughts. Rut Report uses current trail camera footage from approximately 75 trail cameras from industry heavyweights Spypoint, Reveal, and Stealthcam, positioned throughout North America and Canada showing actual deer movement activity, which will be used to help hunters make decisions on the best hunting times, and when to spend their valuable hunting time in the white tail woods.

See Rut Report – Episode #1

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In addition to current weekly footage of deer doing what deer do, our memberships with other useful technologies like Moonguide, Huntstand, and Deer Cast will be used to contribute to the forecast of when the best times to hunt will occur. You’ll learn to use all these tools and be able to decide when you should be heading to your stand for maximum success. Serious hunters will tune in each week to update their own local hunt forecast, and adjust their tactics based on the progression of the white tail rut. It’s time to set your stands, mount up your own trail cameras, dial in your bow, and sight in your rifles for the upcoming action ahead. Follow along all fall as the Rut Report will be delivered via email newsletter, plus Facebook, Instagram, Outdoor Lab YouTube channel, and over Carbon TV networks.

Rut Report also contains hundreds of years of knowledge, tips and tactics from North American Deer Hunter staff writers and hunters like Larry Weishuhn (aka Mr. White tail), Josh Honeycutt, North American Deer Hunter Gear Editor Clede Spooner, Brandon Houston – Host of The Journey TV Show, and many others. Stories of hunters from across the continent will be featured as they recount how they scored on some of the biggest deer of their lives, and the tactics they used to be successful.

The Rut Report is proudly brought to you by these fine partners:

Mossberg…since 1919

Taurus…award winning pistols and revolvers

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Raw Frozen Scents…scent for all phases of the rut

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