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DENVER, COLORADO, USA, January 11, 2024 / — NewStream Energy Technologies Group, Inc. is pleased to provide a business update and a general outlook for 2024. NewStream Energy Technology Group has been consolidated into Clean Coal Technologies Inc., and the Company is now an energy technology platform company focused on the transitional energy sector targeting carbon capture, renewable natural gas, hydrogen, petro-chemicals, and waste to energy. The name of the Company has been changed to NewStream Energy Technologies Group Inc. with the ticker symbol NSGP.

Wyoming New Power Inc. (WNP) has a global license for the use of Flameless Pressurized Oxy-Combustion (FPO) technology. The FPO technology creates a chemical exothermic reaction with coal under high temperature and pressure in an oxygen rich environment which creates energy and provides 90%+ CO2 and GHG capture, resulting in an inert sand by-product. WNP has repurposed the plans for a 50MW plant provided under a US Dept of Energy (DOE) grant for construction of a $650M 100MW plant to be co-located at an oil and gas field in Wyoming. Captured CO2 will be utilized for enhanced oil recovery to produce a projected 27M additional BBLs of oil. The electricity will power an electrolyzer that will produce “blue” hydrogen. While the facility is subject to financing, the use of 45Q credits for carbon capture as well as other tax credits and incentives, produces very robust economics. WNP is looking to move this project forward in early 2024. WNP is working on multiple opportunities to deploy FPO for low carbon intensity power, including in the Permian basin with two major oil companies using natural gas. FPO’s ability to retro-fit existing coal fired power plants, providing them with carbon capture is a primary interest both domestically and internationally.

Bio-Tech Energy Solutions Inc. has a license for the Americas for an advanced German waste to energy technology. The technology is approximately four times as efficient as existing agricultural and municipal waste to energy technologies. The technology has already been deployed globally in about 25 locations outside of the Americas. Bio-Tech’s first plant is a $120M 23MW renewable natural gas project in Queretaro, Mexico, and is a joint venture with Bouss Energy, a Mexican energy group. An agreement is being finalized to acquire manure from a dairy cooperative with 86,000 dairy cows. An MOU has been signed for the long-term sale of natural gas to a large French natural gas company, and is being expanded to include NPK organic fertilizer as well as captured CO2 from the plant. Terms have been received from a European commodity trading firm for the purchase of environmental attributes on a levelized five-year contract. The Company has several project financing proposals subject to completion of feedstock and off take arrangements. Bio-Tech is planning two additional plants of similar size in Mexico and believes the immediate market is approximately 500MW. The Company is also working on a plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado and is in discussions with a sugar beet cooperative for four additional sites. Multiple other opportunities are being pursued in both the agricultural and municipal waste.

NewStream’s two other portfolio technologies, Carbon Fuels LLC and Clean Coal Technologies Inc., have been proven, but are yet to be commercialized. Carbon Fuels’ technology represents a potential paradigm shift in the use of coal away from the power generation, to the refining of petro-chemicals and liquid fuels, while capturing CO2 and having no environmental foot print. Over the next six months, Carbon Fuels is expected to complete additional “hot runs” of its 18 ton per day demonstration plant. The “hot runs” are being conducted under a DOE grant, with the objective of developing material balances for a 500 ton per day commercial facility.

The Pristine “M” technology developed by Clean Coal Technologies Inc. has been proven by the construction and operation of its 40 ton per day demonstration plant. Pristine “M” removes moisture from low ranking coals, creating a higher BTU product that is stable and shippable on a dust free basis. Applications in the US are primarily focused on the Powder River Basin where coals average approximately 30% moisture. The use of Pristine “M” is expected to make these coals competitive in the export markets. CCTI is in discussions with several coal companies and exporters to develop proforma contracts for the export of coal, at which point CCTI will complete the reassembly of its plant to demonstrate the technology’s ability to meet market specifications.

NewStream, as the owner or master licensee of its technologies, will realize immediate revenue from project management and development fees, and in the longer run will realize dividends and capital appreciation from its equity stakes in the projects. The projects themselves will be funded through project finance facilities.

NewStream expects to appoint additional members to the Board of Directors in Q 1 2024, and is also planning additions to the management team at both the parent company and the technology companies. By the end of 2024, the Company plans on filing for an uplisting of its shares to a national exchange, and in Q1 2024 expects to engage a financial advisory firm to assist in this process. These efforts as well as development capital for the next stages of its various projects are expected to be financed by a $7,500,000 private placement of Preferred Shares.

We are pleased with the progress we have made in 2023 and are looking forward to 2024 as several of our projects are expected to get underway and the NewStream pipeline of new projects continues to grow.

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