“Only in Iola” premieres May 9

The Sharboneau family

“Only in Iola”

Leaving behind the constant noise of the city has brought us great joy. We hope our show brings families together and inspires meaningful conversations about life’s beauty through simplicity.”

— Shanalee Sharboneau

IOLA, TX, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Get ready for a journey into the heart of small-town America with the brand-new television show, “Only in Iola.” The series invites viewers to follow the Sharboneau family as they step away from life in the bustling city and into the sun-kissed fields of Iola, Texas, to embark on a new, simpler way of life. With a population of just 300, Iola is the essence of southern country living. From legendary barbeque cook-offs to cake walks, the charming Texas town exudes character and warmth.

In the show, real-life characters, Shanalee, Perry and son Braydon, trade the comforts of an upscale city life of fine dining, country clubs, spas and five-star hotels, for the rugged beauty of a rural Texas ranch. Their mission? To find meaning in the simplicity of country living as they chase their dreams facing extraordinary challenges. The cameras have been rolling since the Sharboneau’s arrived in town, capturing footage as they learn how to live on and off of the land, including Perry enjoying not having to don business suits, Shanalee realizing her high heeled shoes and fine jewelry serve no purpose on the ranch, and Braydon loving all the new lessons the polite country boys teach him about ranch life.

“The community of Iola is truly amazing. Leaving behind the constant noise of the city has brought us great joy, but it’s the people here who have welcomed and provided us with a refreshing change of pace,” said Shanalee Sharboneau, star of the new series. “When we got here, Iola taught us what we needed to know to run a ranch, but there is so much more to learn. We believe families will feel a sense of togetherness and simplicity through our show and hope to inspire meaningful conversations about life’s beauty and the pursuit of a more purposeful existence between the young and old.”

“I have always wanted to live in the country and we have finally made that dream come true,” said husband and father of the show, Perry Sharboneau. “The community of Iola and the countryside around it has provided us the home we have desired, in a very loving community that has been very gracious.”

Star and son of show, Braydon, has grown since being on the ranch. “When I moved out to the ranch, I thought everything would fall the way I wanted. As I have worked on this ranch for three years, I have realized it does not work that way. I’ve learned to work for everything that I want and to not have everyone work for what I want.”

Together, the family says they have learned the true value of faith, family, and community strength.

Some exciting highlights from the first season of include:

• Roberto the Turkey’s Thanksgiving Drama: When Thanksgiving rolls around, what fate awaits the beloved “Roberto the turkey”? Will he be pardoned or end up on the dinner table?

• Cow Escape Chaos: The Sharboneau family’s cows go on an adventure of their own. How will they be rounded up and what hilarious mishaps will ensue?

• Braydon’s Ranch-School Balancing Act: Braydon faces the challenge of juggling school responsibilities while working on the ranch. Can he ace both the classroom and the corral?

• Donkeys and Goats Take Over the Barndominium: The new barndominium isn’t just for humans. Donkeys and goats decide to crash the party. What chaos will unfold?

“Only in Iola” beautifully captures the spirit of rural life, celebrating its quirks, charm, and everyday magic. It centers around genuine moments and real-life characters as they chase their dreams while facing extraordinary challenges, all within in the backdrop of life on a ranch, and all while keeping their focus on God. Family. Texas.

Join the Sharboneau family on their unscripted adventure as they trade skyscrapers for sunsets, traffic jams for tractor rides, and Wi-Fi for flowers. Will Shanalee’s manicured nails survive planting the orchard? Can Perry fix a tractor without a YouTube tutorial? Tune in to find out!

“Only in Iola” is a wholesome and a refreshing change from the typical reality series, where all members of the family can watch and talk about it with joy, laughter and love. Season one of “Only in Iola” consists of six episodes that will debut Thursday, May 9, 2024, exclusively on Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #OnlyInIola to share your favorite moments and connect with fellow fans.

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About “Only in Iola”

Husband and wife team, Perry and Shanalee Sharboneau, along with their young son, Braydon, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of a sprawling Texas metropolis and move to the quaint town of Iola, Texas, home to a mere 300 residents. Viewers will follow their journey from the city life where desires were a mere phone call or car ride away to the rewarding and industrious lifestyle of ranch ownership. Witness the power of faith, family, and the strength of community as this extraordinary family trades their lavish lifestyle for a simpler, more meaningful existence centered around “God. Family. Texas.”

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