Degpeg offers an Audio-Video Bot for customer support, promoting effective communication, leading to better feedback and more conversions.

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, August 31, 2023/ — Frequent occurrences exist where individuals intend to convey a particular message through typing, yet the recipients interpret it in a divergent manner. This miscommunication often leads to confusion and frustration. Within relationships, such scenarios commonly give rise to debates, while within businesses, they contribute to a decline in the number of loyal customers. In the current digital landscape, numerous businesses favor automated customer support services to minimize manual intervention. Degpeg seeks to revolutionize this mindset.

Degpeg’s Audio-Video Bot

Through the Degpeg live communication platform, when a customer engages with a company’s customer support team, they engage in actual spoken interaction – augmented by video capabilities – with the customer support representative. This stands in contrast to the conventional approach of exclusively utilizing text-based chats or chatbots for assistance, as seen in other contexts. Embracing audio-video communication yields multifaceted advantages that extend beyond initial perception. Below are several reasons demonstrating the superior convenience of verbal communication in comparison to text-based alternatives, particularly concerning business-related customer support.

Key Advantages of Verbal Communication Over Texting

1. Personal Connection

Engaging through an audio-video platform surpasses the merits of text-based conversations, as it imparts a personal touch to the communication between both parties. Customers can identify the individuals they are interacting with by visually perceiving them. Businesses, in turn, garner deeper insights into their customers compared to merely possessing demographic information.

2. Clarity in Communication

Textual exchanges frequently result in misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Verbal interaction fosters clarity and directness. Expressing thoughts and concerns becomes more precise when conveyed orally, in contrast to attempting the same through text. Communication often loses its clarity, particularly when both parties are not well-versed in the shared vocabulary or language.

3. Elimination of Language Barriers

Verbal communication, particularly facilitated by Degpeg’s live communication platform, facilitates language-congruent interactions between businesses and customers. Customers can select their preferred language and converse in their native dialect with support personnel. This approach enhances their confidence, comfort, and sense of being heard, in contrast to composing messages in a company’s default language, which may not be their forte.

4. Productive Feedback

Liberating customers to articulate themselves without restraint enables the provision of constructive feedback on a business’s products and services. Conversely, businesses can aptly process feedback and offer more effective solutions during direct interactions compared to text-based exchanges.

5. Heightened Empathy

Texting tends to lack emotional depth, given its nature as a mere exchange of written messages. Verbal communication allows for more expressive discourse, which recipients can interpret empathetically. This heightened empathy often leads to more effective issue resolution and superior handling of customer inquiries.

6. Enhanced Conversions

For businesses, customer retention and conversion rates stand paramount. Personalized and expressive communication frequently engenders customer satisfaction, translating into increased revenue. With Degpeg’s audio-video bot, businesses can expect a surge in audio-video calls, facilitating swifter and more effective resolutions, ultimately fostering greater sales and revenue compared to relying solely on text-based interactions.

7. Real-Time Dialogue

Verbal exchanges offer the advantage of immediate real-time communication. Texting may incur delays in delivery and response times, extending waiting periods. In contrast, verbal communication ensures instant exchange once the call is established, obviating the need for extended waiting times as seen in text-based interactions.

8. Proficient Interpretation of Body Language

Engaging in audio-video conversations enables the observation of facial expressions and body language, affording better comprehension of emotions and intentions. Reading these non-verbal cues facilitates appropriate communication strategies, such as pacifying an upset customer or encouraging a potential buyer, thereby bridging gaps in addressing inquiries.

The aforementioned points underscore why contemporary businesses are transitioning from chatbots to audio-video bots for customer support. While some businesses and individuals appreciate the freedom of text-based messaging at their own pace, and consider it a preferable mode of expression, Degpeg extends a trial offer to showcase the transformative potential of its live communication platform.

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