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Steve Clarke, Marketings Manager

Leading UK fuel card provider expands online presence to showcase diverse product portfolio

While Fleetmaxx is recognised for its fuel cards that have helped businesses save significantly on diesel and petrol costs, the new website focuses on additional services that amplify cost efficiency.”

— Steve Clarke – Marketing Manager

UNITED KINGDOM, January 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fleetmaxx Solutions, a growing name in providing fuel cards for UK businesses, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, www.fleetmaxxsolutions.co.uk, offering an enhanced platform to explore a comprehensive suite of fuel and fleet services. This strategic move reflects Fleetmaxx’s commitment to providing businesses with a one-stop solution for fuel management and fleet-related needs.

Savings beyond fuel:
While Fleetmaxx is recognised for its fuel cards that have helped businesses save significantly on diesel and petrol costs, the new website brings into focus additional services that amplify cost efficiency. One of the highlights of Fleetmaxx’s expanded range of services is its own manufactured licensed AdBlue®, Fleetblue, enabling businesses to save up to 50% on forecourt prices by procuring directly from a UK manufacturer.

Embracing the electric revolution:
Fleetmaxx Solutions takes a bold step towards a sustainable future by introducing EV charge cards. These cards facilitate seamless charging for drivers on the go, making electric vehicle (EV) ownership more convenient. Furthermore, the business homecharge service is designed to assist in charging EVs used for work at home, unlocking savings of up to 60% on charging costs.

Efficiency at every turn:
Fleetmaxx’s commitment to optimising fleet operations is evident in its tracking and telematics services, offering 24/7 visibility of vehicles. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs by encouraging improved driver behaviours.

Diverse services tailored for your business:
Beyond fuel-related solutions, Fleetmaxx Solutions’ new website showcases an array of additional services to cater to the needs of businesses. Fleetmaxx aims to be the go-to partner for organisations seeking comprehensive fleet management solutions, from business communications and insurance to vehicle leasing and route optimisation.

Innovation in your driver’s pocket:
Fleetmaxx introduces the Driver’s Walk Wound Compliance App, a user-friendly tool streamlining compliance processes, making fleet management more accessible and efficient.

Consultative approach to fleet management:
For businesses seeking expert guidance, Fleetmaxx offers transport consultancy services, ensuring clients receive tailored solutions aligned with industry best practices.

About Fleetmaxx Solutions:
Fleetmaxx Solutions has become a leading name in the UK fuel card industry, empowering businesses with innovative solutions to optimise their fleet operations. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Fleetmaxx aims to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking cost-effective and sustainable fleet and fuel management solutions.

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