Fire Detector developed by iNeeds

The technology uses IoT (Internet of Things) to alert government officials

Once the fire is detected, the sensor automatically sends an alert to a receiver located in the Civil Defense monitoring room of the municipality”

— Luiz Sourient

BRAZIL, June 29, 2023/ — Forest fires have been a constant concern in Brazil, with alarming numbers of burned areas. According to recent data released by MapBiomas, during the period from January to April 2023, the country recorded a total of 1,427,115 hectares of devastated areas, with April reaching the highest index, around 541,000 ha.

Among the most affected states, Roraima stands out as the hardest hit with 477,548 ha, followed by Goiás. Approximately 71.3% of the fires occurred in grassland formations, characterized by herbaceous vegetation, grasses, and small shrubs, while forest fires accounted for 14.8% of the total.

In this alarming scenario, experts highlight the importance of innovative technological solutions to assist in fire fighting. Pedro Curcio, Brazilian specialist in smart cities and CEO of iNeeds, a startup specializing in urban development technologies, emphasizes the existence of efficient products in this field.

“Nowadays, we already have various technologies available that operate through the Internet of Things (IoT) and utilize sensors capable of detecting fires in the early stages, during the slow combustion phase,” says Curcio.

One example is the Forest Fire Detector developed by iNeeds. This device utilizes the Internet of Things to monitor the microclimate, measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure. The sensor also integrates air quality detection and gas detection, allowing for precise and reliable identification of fire, carbon monoxide, and other gases at parts per million (ppm) levels. With incorporated artificial intelligence, the sensor can accurately distinguish a real fire, avoiding false positives.

Luiz Sourient, CTO of iNeeds, explains that once the fire is detected, the sensor automatically sends an alert to a receiver located in the municipality’s Civil Defense monitoring room. This enables the competent authorities to act promptly and take necessary measures to contain the fire.

It is important to emphasize that the Forest Fire Detector is designed to operate for extended periods, requiring only occasional maintenance when necessary. Additionally, it runs on clean energy through an integrated solar panel, making it a sustainable solution with low environmental impact.

With the advancement of technology and the development of solutions like the Forest Fire Detector, Brazil is strengthening its monitoring and fire prevention capabilities. These innovations are essential for protecting our forests and ensuring environmental preservation for future generations.

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