There’s Need for Current and Accurate Technical Information

With our newsletter, blog posts and marketing consulting calls, we will keep our members current on the industry”

— Tom Gellrich, founder and CEO RNG Directory

PENN VALLEY, PA, US, July 12, 2023/ — The RNG Directory was created to meet the very dynamic need for accurate information coming many sources, DOE, EPA, and many state organizations.

“While the concept of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is well-established, new bio-sources and handling technologies have changed considerably in the past few years. ESG influences in the boardroom and meaningful tax incentives have brought RNG opportunities to the forefront, making it perhaps more relevant than ever,” commented Jim Neville, Vice President, Oil and Gas, ECI.

He further added, “This changing landscape has quickly increased the need for suppliers and service providers. RNG Directory’s CEO and founder, Tom Gellrich, with over 40 years in the energy industry, is assembling a comprehensive RNG Directory of consultants and suppliers to support the RNG industry.”

Tom Gellrich is partnering with Joe Barone, Shale Directories founder and President, in launching the RNG Directory to fill the information void in the industry. The dynamic’s of the RNG Market are so varied – regulations from federal and state government organizations, ESG funds looking for RNG investments and carbon and tax credits.

“With our newsletter, blog posts and marketing consulting calls, we will keep our members current on the industry,” stated Gellrich. He further added, “When new information or data is published, we share with our members, and most importantly we tell them what it means to their respective businesses.”

The RNG Directory is working to have the most informative RNG blog identify innovative suppliers and service providers. RNG Directory members can post as much as information as they like on the blog. The RNG Directory blog feeds 30 other social media sites.

Need for Information Is Overwhelming

Ken Thompson, President and CEO, Mustang Sampling and Valtronics, recognizes the importance of the RND Directory. He said, “Every day I meet a new company, new people who are asking about RNG/BIOGAS, asking who can help them design a system that will meet the specifications to qualify for Ren Credits, have the reliability to operate 24/7 and be Analytically Accurate.” This is a new industry and many are searching for useful, correct information. The RNG Directory will fill some of this information vacuum.

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Shale Directories
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