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Farmvina, a leading agricultural website in Vietnam, invites potential investors to join in exploring and developing the country’s agricultural market.

For a decade, Farmvina has been bootstrapped with limited resources and an unbending will of a small group of passionate initiators. To make a bigger impact, Farmvina welcomes partners to join.”

— Johny D. Nguyen

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, July 21, 2023/ — Farmvina, a leading agricultural website in Vietnam, invites potential investors to join in exploring and developing the country’s agricultural market. Founded in 2013 as a free educational platform for underprivileged farmers, Farmvina has attracted over 20 million page views and sponsored many prestigious exhibitions in the area including Hortex, Agri Vietnam, and etc. Now seeking partnerships, the organization aims to expand its positive impact on local communities and businesses, aspiring to create a sustainable and prosperous future for Vietnam’s agricultural sector with the support of forward-thinking investors.

As agriculture plays a crucial role in Vietnam’s economy, Farmvina has been at the forefront of providing valuable educational resources to the local farming community. Through its website, Farmvina offers a wide range of information on various agricultural topics, including crop cultivation techniques, pest management, farm machinery, horticulture, and market trends. These resources are aimed at enabling farmers to improve their productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of their produce.

Recognizing that partnerships can further amplify its impact, Farmvina is actively seeking international collaborations with like-minded organizations, agricultural experts, and businesses. By joining hands with partners, Farmvina aims to expand its reach and provide even more comprehensive support to farmers and businesses across Vietnam and the world. Through these partnerships, Farmvina intends to create a holistic support system that encompasses not only educational resources but also direct access to tools, technologies, and market opportunities.

Farmvina’s drive towards creating positive impacts on communities extends beyond just providing educational resources. The website is dedicated to empowering farmers and facilitating sustainable agricultural practices. By partnering with key stakeholders, Farmvina aims to develop initiatives that promote environmental stewardship, enhance social welfare, and contribute to the overall development of rural communities.

Through these partnerships, Farmvina envisions creating a vibrant and inclusive agricultural ecosystem that benefits not only farmers but also other stakeholders, such as suppliers, distributors, and consumers. By connecting these different actors in the agricultural value chain, Farmvina aims to strengthen the entire industry and drive economic growth in rural areas.

Farmvina invites interested organizations, experts, investors and businesses to explore potential partnership opportunities. Please contact us for more details. Together, we can build a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector, improving the lives of farmers and the overall well-being of our communities.

About Farmvina:

Farmvina, established by Mr. Johny D. Nguyen, originated as a humble educational platform catering to farmers in Vietnam. Over time, it has blossomed into a far-reaching online community that extends beyond agriculture, embracing various facets of life, and promoting inclusivity in its endeavors.

Contact Farmvina:

Contact person: Khoa Nguyen

Phone number: +848 42 82 12 72

Website: (Vietnamese) | (English)

Email address: [email protected]

Address: 602/43E Dien Bien Phu, Ward 22, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 70000

Khoa Nguyen
+84 842 821 272
[email protected]
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