Daily Tasks allows you to see all the tasks assigned to members of your organization over a seven-day period of your choosing. Tasks can also be easily moved to different days or reassigned to other users to better balance and manage the team’s workload.

The Task List displays all tasks that have been created for your enterprise and can be easily sorted and filtered.

Tasks can easily be created and completed on location via the FarmQA mobile app.

Agricultural advisors, service providers, and growers can schedule tasks, balance workloads, and get work done more efficiently.

Our goal is to enable users to get work done more efficiently. The tasks feature streamlines work across the organization, enables adjustments, and helps ensure no task is overlooked.”

— Paul Bramel, VP of Engineering, FarmQA

FARGO, ND, USA, May 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — FarmQA, an ag-tech company that builds digital agronomy tools, announced today the general availability of tasks and workflow for its FarmQA suite.

Delivering efficient, high-quality service is critical for agronomists, viticulturists, and other ag service providers. They must complete work for their growers with no mistakes or forgotten tasks. The FarmQA tasks feature helps keep organizations running smoothly through efficient work assignments such as scouting, soil sampling, pruning and thinning, chemical application, product delivery, and more.

“Our goal with FarmQA is to enable users to get work done more efficiently,” says Paul Bramel, vice president of engineering. “The tasks feature streamlines work across the organization, enables adjustments, and helps ensure no task is overlooked.”

Work assignments are created and assigned to members within the FarmQA account. Tasks can then be accessed and completed from a laptop or the FarmQA mobile app. For example, a team member could be assigned to estimate the yield potential for a specific field, on a certain date, leveraging imagery to direct the sampling. The notes for the task would include the location, and the scouting template would provide the input fields to calculate the yield estimate. The individual completes the assignment, adds notes, and updates the status.

With FarmQA tasks, providers can view and organize all work assignments to ensure the best balance for the team. A daily task view displays all tasks assigned within the organization across any seven-day period where work can easily be shifted as needed or reassigned.

“I am looking forward to implementing tasks this season as we employ a team of interns with a rotating schedule and many fields to cover,” says Raymond Seal, Agronomic Consultant, Marion Ag Service, Inc., St. Paul, Oregon. “Having the schedule automatically refresh each week will allow our scouts to grab open jobs and easily coordinate their daily and weekly workflow. The flow from a scout grabbing the open task and being guided straight to the field will greatly reduce the onboarding process of figuring out which fields to scout and how to find them.”

Features and benefits of tasks and workflow include the ability to:

• Assign all task types easily from the mobile or web application from wherever you are

• Include notes to capture specific instructions and limit follow-up calls

• Quickly identify tasks by status to ensure work is completed on time

• See and manage all tasks from the daily task view for better workload distribution

• Schedule follow-up tasks for repeat field checks or other commonly repeated activities

“I’m able to prioritize and complete tasks like scouting and soil sampling much more efficiently with FarmQA,” says Aaron Turner of All-Terrain Ag Management, Inez, Texas. “I can look at my fields list and easily see how many GDUs [growing degree units] it’s been and schedule my scouting trips more effectively. And, if I see something I want to re-check, I just drop a pin and schedule a task right from the field. FarmQA has greatly improved the quality of the information I provide my growers and the speed with which I can deliver it.”

About FarmQA: FarmQA is a suite of digital tools for agronomists designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of core agronomy service functions, including scouting, recommendation writing, and data analysis. The suite includes an easy-to-use, full-function mobile app and a complete web platform for collecting and displaying information from various sources, including fields, crop scouting reports, weather data, spray records, satellite imagery, and more. FarmQA provides ag advisors like agronomists, crop consultants, and other retail and co-op service providers a complete picture of what’s happening above and below ground, so they can provide better crop and soil recommendations and deliver more services to growers. Today FarmQA is being used to manage more than 15 million global acres of row and specialty crops grown in fields, orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses.

To learn more, visit https://farmqa.com and follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/farm_qa.

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