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We believe that Cyanotech’s expertise in cultivation make them an ideal partner for Symbrosia as we work to bring our product to the global marketplace.”

— Alexia Akbay, Symbrosia CEO

KAILUA KONA, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2023/ — Cyanotech Corporation (NASDAQ: CYAN), a leading producer of high-value natural products derived from microalgae, and Symbrosia, a pioneer in developing natural solutions to enhance planetary health, have announced they will be partnering to grow Symbrosia’s strain of seaweed at Cyanotech’s facilities in Hawai`i to produce Symbrosia’s product, SeaGraze.

Symbrosia’s innovative seaweed product, SeaGraze, which is rich in bioactive compounds, has demonstrated commercial benefits for livestock producers looking to reduce the methane production of their herds by over 80%. Cyanotech, which operates a 96-acre state-of-the-art microalgae production facility on the Kona coast of Hawai`i, will provide the best conditions for Symbrosia’s seaweed to thrive and produce the highest quality product possible.

After running a successful proof of concept, the two companies based at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai`i Authority (NELHA) plan to work together over the coming months to refine cultivation at Cyanotech facilities.

“We are excited about working with Symbrosia and supporting the growth of this new product,” said Matthew Custer, CEO of Cyanotech. “Our expertise in cultivating high-quality microalgae, combined with Symbrosia’s innovative approach to seaweed cultivation, creates a synergistic relationship that will benefit both companies and consumers who rely on Symbrosia’s products.”

Symbrosia’s CEO, Alexia Akbay, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Working with Cyanotech will allow us to scale up our production and accelerate the commercialization of our seaweed product. We believe that Cyanotech’s expertise in cultivation make them an ideal partner for Symbrosia as we work to bring our product to the global marketplace.”

The relationship between Cyanotech and Symbrosia underscores the growing interest in seaweed-based products. As demand for sustainable and plant-based solutions continues to increase, companies like Cyanotech and Symbrosia are well-positioned to meet the needs of consumers looking for natural, healthy products.

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About Symbrosia
A recipient of the Blue Climate Initiative’s 2022 Ocean Innovation Prize, Symbrosia breeds and cultivates fast-growing seaweed strains and develops them into high-value products. Symbrosia has developed SeaGraze, a natural seaweed feed additive that drastically reduces livestock methane emissions. Called “the seaweed that could save the planet” by The Verge, Forbes, and Inc Magazine, SeaGraze is setting a new standard for sustainability in the US beef, dairy, and apparel industries. Symbrosia is scaling SeaGraze production rapidly and partnering with researchers, ranchers, distributors, and brands to build supply chains that reward producers for producing low-methane animal products.

About Cyanotech
Cyanotech Corporation, a world leader in microalgae technology for more than 30 years, produces BioAstin® Hawaiian Astaxanthin® and Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica®. These all-natural, dietary ingredients and supplements leverage our experience and reputation for quality, building nutritional brands which promote health and well-being. The Company’s mission is to fulfill the promise of whole health through Hawaiian microalgae. Cyanotech’s BioAstin® offers superior antioxidant activity which supports skin, eye and joint health, as well as recovery from exercise*. Cyanotech’s Spirulina products offer nutrition that supports cardiovascular health and immunity*. All Cyanotech products are produced from microalgae grown at our 96-acre facility in Kona, Hawaii using patented and proprietary technology and are Generally Recognized as Safe (“GRAS”) for use in food products. Cyanotech sells its products direct to consumers at retail locations in the United States and online at and also distributes to dietary supplement, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical manufacturers and marketers. The Company is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Visit for more information.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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