Tiago Correia tries a Vinho de Carcavelos at the tasting of Corrieira Wine Club at ISA, Lisbon

Tristao is surprised about the freshness and vividity of this fortified wine from 1906

Tristao is surprised about the freshness and vividity of this fortified wine from 1906

Two experts in fortified wines at the Carcavelos Wine Tasting at ISA, Lisbon

Participants on the tasting from Corrieira Wine Club

A rare wine on a rare date – Corrieira Wine Club hosts unforgettable Carcavelos Wine Tasting Event at
Instituto Superior de Agronomia – University of Lisbon

What a pleasure to try this wonderful fortified wines, even after 120 years a fresh and vivid taste, spectacular! It shows the storage and ageing possibility of this rare treasure Vinho de Carcavelos”

— Jorg Lewerenz

LISBOA, LISBOA, PORTUGAL, March 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Corrieira Wine Club hosted an extraordinary Carcavelos Wine Tasting Event at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia – University of Lisbon, offering a unique opportunity to sample the finest selection of these rare fortified wines.

Featuring a tasting of nine old and modern Carcavelos wines, including the oldest vintage dating back to 1906, wine connoisseurs from across Europe experienced a journey through time and taste, guided by the expertise of wine expert Rudolfo Tristao from ESHTE.

The highlight of the event was a bottle of Quinta d´Algoa from 1906, still surprisingly fresh and vivid. It showcased the storage and aging possibilities of these wines. Another milestone was the unveiling of Quinta da Corrieira‘s newest masterpiece – Colheita 2012. This revelation marked a historic moment, as it was the first time in over 20 years that a private company had produced one of these exceptional treasures. This exclusive addition to the lineup further elevated the experience, capturing the essence of tradition and innovation in Carcavelos wine production.

As the organizers of this extraordinary event, the new Corrieira Wine Club reaffirmed its commitment to providing access to the finest Carcavelos wines. Through their website, www.corrieira.com, they offer the most comprehensive selection available for purchase and shipping throughout Europe, ensuring enthusiasts can enjoy these exceptional wines wherever they may be.

For those eager to explore the world of Carcavelos wine, the Corrieira Wine Club is the ultimate destination. Visit www.corrieira.com today to discover a diverse selection of Carcavelos wines.

About Corrieira Wine Club: The Corrieira Wine Club is a leading association dedicated to connecting wine enthusiasts with artisan wine producers from around the world. In addition to exceptional Carcavelos wines, the Corrieira Wine Club offers a curated selection of wines that reflect the exuberance of their terroir, ensuring an unforgettable wine experience for all.

“The Carcavelos Wine Tasting Event was a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation. It was an honor to present Quinta da Corrieira’s Colheita 2012 and showcase the diversity and excellence of Carcavelos wines.” – Wagner Erne from Corrieira Wine Club.

“We are very happy that after so many years a private producer has finally appeared again in the world of Carcavelos Wine! One more rare jewel to be placed on the crown of the Lisbon Wine Region.” – Francisco Toscano Rico, President of CVR Lisbon.

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