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Cadmap Limted have invested in Leica BLK and Zeb Revo RT 3D Laser Scanners

LONDON, SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM, July 21, 2023/ — The world of BIM is forever changing, enhancing and progressing and Cadmap Limited, a small business from Surrey in the UK have taken steps to implement some of the worlds most advanced 3D laser scanners into their work flow.

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is a digital process that involves creating and managing a comprehensive 3D model of a building or infrastructure project, along with its associated data. BIM is used throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project, from conceptualization and design to construction, operation, and maintenance. Cadmap Limited are providing 3D BIM models created by using 3D point cloud information captured by the Leica BLK and Geoslams Zeb Revo 3D scanners.

Key features and components of BIM include:

3D Modelling: BIM utilizes 3D modelling software to create a virtual representation of the building, including its architecture, structural elements, systems, and components.

Data Integration: BIM incorporates various types of data related to the building, such as geometric data, materials, quantities, costs, performance specifications, and more. This data is attached to the 3D model elements, making it highly informative and useful.

Collaboration: BIM fosters collaboration and communication among different stakeholders involved in a construction project, including architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers. It allows real-time sharing of information and coordination between teams.

Clash Detection: BIM software can identify clashes or conflicts between different building elements (e.g., pipes intersecting with walls) during the design phase. This helps avoid costly errors and rework during construction.

Visualization: BIM provides realistic visualizations and simulations of the building, giving stakeholders a better understanding of the project and how it will look when completed.

Analysis: BIM enables various types of analysis, such as energy analysis, structural analysis, and cost estimation, helping optimize building performance and efficiency.

Facility Management: After construction, BIM data can be integrated into facility management systems, making it easier to manage and maintain the building over its lifespan.

The adoption of BIM has revolutionized the construction industry by streamlining workflows, reducing errors, improving collaboration, and enhancing overall project efficiency. It allows for better decision-making, cost control, and the creation of sustainable and high-quality buildings. BIM has become a standard practice in many construction projects worldwide, particularly in complex and large-scale developments.

Cadmap Limited survey a variety of potential development sites for civil engineers, building consultants and developers, total stations are used to survey a full linked traverses around the proposed sites to ensure an accurate closed loop traverse is achieved which is required by RICS (RICS stands for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) surveying specifications and standards. The surveyors will then survey in further control into the proposed sites and then commence laser scanning from fixed locations around the site capturing all the 3D point cloud information. This will then get downloaded and processed within certain 3D software and imported into REVIT to create the workable BIM model which is drawn by REVIT technician, then it can be distributed to clients.

Some of the key features and capabilities of Leica Geosystems BLK laser scanners may include:

Laser Scanning Technology: BLK laser scanners use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to emit laser pulses and measure the time it takes for the laser to return after hitting a surface. This data is used to create 3D point clouds, which represent the geometry and spatial information of the scanned area.

High Speed and Accuracy: BLK laser scanners are capable of capturing millions of points per second with high accuracy, allowing for rapid data acquisition and detailed representation of the scanned environment.

Integrated Cameras: Some BLK laser scanners may have integrated cameras that capture colour information, enabling the creation of coloured point clouds and more visually appealing data representations.

User-Friendly Interface: These scanners often come with user-friendly software that facilitates easy data capture, processing, and export of point cloud data to various industry-standard formats.

Real-Time Visualization: Some models provide real-time visualization capabilities, allowing users to see the scanned data on a screen as it is being captured, helping to ensure complete coverage of the area of interest.

Key features of the ZEB-REVO RT may include:

SLAM Technology: The device uses SLAM algorithms to process laser scan data and simultaneous positioning information, enabling real-time 3D mapping without the need for external references like GPS or total stations.

Lightweight and Portable: The ZEB-REVO RT is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for use in challenging or hard-to-reach areas.

Handheld Operation: It can be operated manually by a user, making it a versatile tool for mapping areas that are not easily accessible by traditional stationary laser scanners.

Data Visualization: The scanner often comes with software that provides real-time visualization of the captured data on a mobile device or tablet as the scanning process is ongoing.

Indoor and Outdoor Scanning: The ZEB-REVO RT is capable of capturing data in various environments, including both indoor and outdoor settings.

Battery-Powered: The device is typically powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing for extended scanning periods.

Cadmap Limited are always enhancing its equipment and team of surveyors to adapt to the ever changing geospatial industry.

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